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About The Artist...

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About The Artist...

Nayer studied fine arts in Persia at Tehran University as well as California State University, Los Angeles and the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena. She had pursued art as her passion since childhood and has been recognized in many fine art competitions and exhibits in selected galleries.

Nayer works in numerous mediums including: drawing, oil painting, ceramics, wood and plaster carving, "Ayeneh Karri" the ancient Persian art of mirror work, and metal fabrication techniques. Her fascination with water in combination with other mediums led to the creation of her unique WATER ART.

Nayer believes water is an important element in our existence... "98% of the human body is composed of water, 3/4 of our planet is covered by water. Water is in the soil, the air, water is in every part of nature... seeing, feeling and hearing the sound of water, brings peace and tranquility to many aspects of our lives."

"By exploring, and journeying through this art form, it is my hope and desire to create balance and harmony in my work and my life. Perhaps in this way, my work may touch the lives of others."

- Nayer Kazemi

About The Artist... aboutartist1

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