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Clear Quartz Chakra Wand

Clear Quartz Chakra Wand

The word Chakra comes from Sanskrit and means “wheel” or spinning disks of light. The system of having energy centers, known as chakras in yoga, acupuncture and energy healing. There are seven chakras in the body that go down the spine. These 7 chakras help the flow of energy pass through the body.

The body’s physical and emotional energies are in balance when the chakras are in alignment and functioning correctly. Disturbances or unbalanced chakras can lead to mental, spiritual or emotional upsets. Size: approx. 13.5 long with clear quartz, amethyst, iolite, blue topaz, peridot, citrine, carnelian and garnet.

Clear Quartz Chakra Wand newitem317071053$600.00

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