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Crystal Spiral - Rose Hearts

Crystal Spiral - Rose Hearts

Rose and clear heart crystals shimmy their way to a jewelry-style pendant.

Trip the light fantastic with a Crystal Spiral Suncatcher! This bouncy Rainbow Maker features small crystal dancing clear and rose colored hearts that dip and bob in the breeze, leading the way to the larger clear crystal heart at the bottom. The entire spiral bounces and individual crystals shimmy and shake, giving this wondrous suncatcher a new dimension of activity that makes it a perfect complement to our other Rainbow Makers. Make sure you checkout the complete line.

Recommended for indoor use.

Dimensions: 8 in. Long, 17.5 in. Overall Length (with hanging line) Materials: Glass and genuine Austrian crystals, stainless steel wire, hanging line.

Crystal Spiral - Rose Hearts W-CS24$36.00

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