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Crystal Incense

Crystal Incense

Crystal IncenseThese gemstone incense are made with pure essential oils, handblended and chosen to be energetically matched to each stone’s subtle energies. Burning it releases the stone and oil energies into your environment.

Azeztulite - conscious expansion

Amethyst - protection and spiritual growth

Charoite - cleansing and protection

Clear Quartz - spiritual healing

Danburite - angel communication

Larimar - emotional harmony

Moldavite - cleansing and spiritual growth

Phenacite - third eye activation

Rose Quartz - love

Seraphinite - chakra balancing

Sugilite - protection and grounding

Tanzanite - wisdom of the heart

Zincite - creative energy

NOTE: Each incense package includes 18-20 sticks and comes with an informative card about the gemstone.

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