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Eastern Statues

Eastern Statues - NEW!

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Beautiful hand-crafted statuary from the East that brings mysticism from Ancient Wisdom to fill your space with peace and calmness.

Eastern Statues eastne

Click to enlargeGoddess Avaiokiteshuara - Eastern Statue
Size: 10" (H)

Click to enlargeGoddess Green Tara - Eastern Statue
Size: 9.5" (H)

Click to enlargeGoddess White Tara - Eastern Statue
Size: 6" (H)

Click to enlargeMedicine Buddha - Eastern Statue
Size: 6" (H)

Click to enlargeDancing Ganesha - Eastern Statue
Size: 8.5" (H)

Click to enlargeSeated Ganesha on Lotus - Eastern Statue
Size: 8.5" (H)

Click to enlarge Lakshmi -Goddess of Wealth and Beauty
Size: 10.5" x 19" 28lbs Additional Shipping rates may apply.

IA-BW439Regular price: $640.00Sale price: $540.00
Click to enlargeHindu God - Shiva SOLD
Size: 18" x 15", Additional Shipping rates may apply.

Click to enlargeGanesh- Lord of Success
Size: 10.5" x 19", 25lbs. Additional Shipping rates may apply.

Click to enlargeQuan Yin
Quan Yin newitem382665051$155.00Choose: 

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