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Alara - Master Numerology, Transformative Numerology, Relationship Compatibility

Alara - Master Numerology, Transformative Numerology, Relationship Compatibility

Alara K. Harpell is a Master Numerologist who received her certification after an extensive 5-year apprenticeship. She specializes in the language arts and Transformative Numerology. With her precise calculations, she can track the numerical roots of specific patterns in one’s life and reformulate them so that her clients can better align themselves with their own unique purpose. For those who want to attract new experiences, begin a professional venture, create new relationships or redefine who they wish to be - Alara’s unwavering dedication aids her clients in becoming agents of change and taking control of their life.

SERVICES: ● Life Path & Name Readings ● Relationship Compatibility Readings ● Baby Names & Date of Birth Options ● Number Sequences & Interpretation ● Calculated Event Scheduling ● Stage Names, Pen Names, Band Names, Professional Names, Etc ● Business Name Options ● Individual Name Recommendation ● Address Interpretations

ABOUT TRANSFORMATIVE NUMEROLOGY: Numerology is a philosophy based on mathematical principles. It’s simply the written explanation of frequency or energy – which is what makes up the entire universe. Today, much of numerology is accredited to the ancient Ionian Greek philosopher Pythagoras, who made numerology “famous” through his school of thought called Pythagoreanism. While Transformative Numerology’s foundation is Pythagoreanism, it traces its’ lineage through Europe back to the Sages who served their communities in a philosophical and spiritual way. These Sages used their knowledge to give new names for different rites of passage in an individual's life. For example, when a royal family member ascended to the throne, they received a new name. Often times these names were repeated over and over because the were found to be most effective for ruling a nation. Similarly, names were chosen for people who took various religious vows that would best serve them in their new role. When babies were born, they would analyze their birth date and give a name to them that would best fulfill them; or when boys would become men, they would receive a new name for the new phase in their life. Pythagoras himself even changed his name.

There are many examples of naming ceremonies today that happen throughout a wide range of cultures and religious sects. However society at large has lost the art and understanding of how the name interacts with the individual's Life Path and phase of life… thus these traditions have lost the deeper understanding of those principles. Names are essentially assigned without proper mathematical consideration. This upper-echelon practice of numerology has been handed down throughout the generations via the Master and Apprentice relationship. Sticking to the core principles of Pythagoreanism, there are no books that teach Transformative Numerology in totality. Students are expected to learn without the written word and are considered lifelong students of the practice since there is no pinnacle of the philosophy. To summarize, Transformative Numerology ecompasses traditional Pythagorean numerology and uses it to enact change in the different phases of one’s life. The true value of numerology itself is rooted in the action of using it. The guiding principle of a Transformative Numerologist is aligning the individual with their purpose so that they are in accord instead of discord with their resonant frequency. This is done by not only interpreting “code” but writing “code”. By understanding a person's unique set of numbers, a Transformative Numerologist will then apply a codex of specific mathematical equations that will best suit the individual's number sets.

Alana is available for appointments on Mondays, between 10-5. Call Mystical Dragon at 760 720 1986 to set up a reading with her!

Alara - Master Numerology, Transformative Numerology, Relationship Compatibility alara

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