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Faerie Myst - Enchanted Wand ( 1 left )

Faerie Myst - Enchanted Wand

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Faerie of the Lake
Allow Faerie Myst to bring you to her sanctuary and guide you to a serene and peaceful place inside your heart and soul.

Made with Italian Green Glass, Natural Quartz Crystal, Austrian Crystal, Glass Marble, Gems and Natural Stones.

Sodalite - Brings clarity & truth
Emerald - Love, Kindness, balance and tranquility
Aquamarine - Calming and strengthening stone used for self-understanding, used for gaining clarity and purpose
Pearl - Inner growth, Pearl helps one focus and is a vehicle for advancing states of wisdom.
Pink Tourmaline - Self love, enhances sensitivity and caring, dispels fear
Rose Quartz - Love stone
Clear Quartz Enhances all stones and dispels negativity

Faerie Myst - Enchanted Wand ( 1 left ) SL-LW33Regular price: $325.00Sale price: $225.00

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