Claudia- Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Channeler, Past Life, Healing
Buddha Rose Quartz Wand With 8 Auspicious symbols
Citrine with WatermellowTourmaline Crystal (approx 4.7")
Fantasy Electric Table Lamps and Crystal Lights
Reflection of the Sea Large Figurine
"Fairies Welcome" Sign
"Fairy Crossing" Sign
"Shh.. Fairies Sleeping" Sign
12" Tall Christmas Tree Oil Lamp
15" Tall Christmas Tree Oil Lamp ( 1 LEFT )
Wiley Warlock Fairy ( temporarily unavailable )

Naughty or Nice Santa 22" - Mark Roberts ( Temporarily Unavailable)

Saint Nicholas Santa Burgundy - Mark Roberts ( temporarily unavailable )

2007 Mid Year Series - Dragons & Fairies - Nene Thomas
Aspenwoods Fairy Package Tie (6") ( temporarily unavailable )

Christmas Nutcrackers (Set)

Deck the Halls Fairy (36") ( temporarily unavailable )

Fortune Teller Witch (Large) ( temporarily unavailable )

Nutcrackers (Set of 3 - 24") ( temporarily unavailable )

Nutcrakers (Set of 3 - 38") ( temporarily unavailable )

Witches Brew ( temporarily unavailable )

2008 Collection - Dragons & Fairies - Nene Thomas
Angels - Limited Edition

Christmas in the City Fairy - 28" ( temporarily unavailable )

Christmas in the City Stocking - 21"

Fairy Prince Stocking - 21"

Globe - 19"

Jinglebells Fairy Stocking - 21"

North Pole Express Santa (temporarily unavailable)

Peppermint Truffle Fairy - 36" ( temporarily unavailable )

Regal Santa with Toys - 30"

Sitting Reindeer Candelabra

Trumpet Stocking (19")

2009 Midnight Assortment - A Source of Mystery ( sold out )
2009 Midnight Assortment - Arrgh sold out
2009 Midnight Assortment - Gargoyle sold out
2009 Midnight Assortment - Lily Wolf ( temporarily unavailable )
2009 Season Assortment - Autumn Queen ( 2 left )
2009 Season Assortment - Spring Queen ( unavailable )
2009 Season Assortment - Summer Queen ( unavailable )
2009 Season Assortment - Winter Queen
Christmas Bells Fairies

5 Feather Smudger
50mm Faceted Crystal Ball
5th Root Race
7 World Religions Cystal Wand-SOLD
8 Unique Wedding Cake Servers, Knife and Cake Top Sets
9" Tall Christmas Tree Oil Lamp
Spring Fairies SALE!

Cowparade Figurines, Jewelled Cows,

Sea Mystical Mermaids by Artist Jessica de Stefano - Retiring

Water Baby Garden Statues>ON SALE!!
Christmas Fairies

Spring Fairies

Faerie Glen -
Premier Dealer Study Series

Faerie Glen

Premiere Dealer Collections

A Frog Once Loved A Turtle - Jacqueline Collen Tarrolly ( unavailable )
A Homespun Christmas by Doug Knutsen
About Spring Angels
About The Artist...
About the Gary Rosenthal Collection
About The Mezuzah
Acorn Fairy Cottage
Additional Style of Handcrafted Menorah
Advertise on the Mystical Dragon Website and Printed Newsletter
Aegis Egyptian Mirror ( temporarily unavailable )
African-American Fairies
All things Under the Sun by Corbert Gauthier
Ambrosia Maple Narrow-spirituality, healing
Ambrosia Maple Wide-spirituality, healing
Ancient Egyptian Mirror Replicas
Ancient Guardian ( Bald Eagle) Jigsaw Puzzle
James Meger

Ancient Song Windchime With Base
Ancient Song Windchime by Itself
Andrew Bill
Andrew Bill - "Beserker" ( 1 left )
Andrew Bill - "Patriarch" ( 3 left )
Andrew Bill - "Relic" ( sold out )
Andrew Bill - "The Thief" Dragon ( 1 left)
Angel Anti Stress Medicine Bag
Angel Anti-Depression & Anti-Addiction Medicine Bag
Angel Fertility Medicine Bag
Angel Happiness Medicine Bag
Angel in Wings (14")
Angel in Wings (9")
Angel Prosperity Medicine Bag
Angel Protection Medicine Bag
Angel Psychic Medicine Bag
Angel Safe Travel Medicine Bag
Angel Statues and Figurines
Angelic Dreams Baby Wand Pendant
Angelica Wand (Large)
Animal Figurines: Frogs
Animal Healing with Shirley
Another View of Worship Wizard
Ant Garden Stake Small
Antique Dragon Fly and Frog Gameboard ( Retiring) ( 2 Left )
Anubis Dog Sitting on Golden Table ( TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE )
Anubis Statue 9"
Anubis Statues
Anuramoon ( temporarily unavailable )
Aquarius Astrology Wand Pendant
Aquarius Earrings
Aquarius Illuminated Laser Cut Crystal
Aquarius Medicine Bag
Archangel Chamuel
Archangel Chamuel Baby Wand Pendant
Archangel Chamuel Wand (Medium)
Archangel Double Pointed Wand Pendants
Archangel Gabriel
Archangel Gabriel Wand (Large)
Archangel Gabriel Wand (Medium)
Archangel Gabriel Wand Pendant
Archangel Jophiel
Archangel Jophiel Wand (Medium)
Archangel Jophiel Wand Pendant
Archangel Metatron Wand (Large)
Archangel Metatron Wand (Medium)
Archangel Metatron Wand Pendant
Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael Wand (Large)
Archangel Michael Wand (Medium)
Archangel Michael Wand Pendant
Archangel Raphael
Archangel Raphael Wand (Large)
Archangel Raphael Wand (Medium)
Archangel Raphael Wand Pendant
Archangel Uriel
Archangel Uriel Wand (Medium)
Archangel Uriel Wand Pendant
Archangel Wands NEW! (lg)
Archangel Wands NEW! (md)
Archangel Wands-NEW!
Archangel Zadkiel
Archangel Zadkiel Wand (Medium)
Archangel-Selenite Pendants
Aries Astrology Wand Pendant
Aries Earrings
Aries Illuminated Laser Cut Crystal
Aries Medicine Bag
Aroma Burner
Aromatherapy/ Incense/ Candles
Arthur and Guineveer Cake Knife and Cake Server
Arthur and Guinevere Cake Knife Separate
Arthur and Guinevere Cake Server Separate
Arthur and Guinevere Cake Top Separate
Arthur and Guinevere Goblets ( 2 Choices)
Arthur and Guinevere Pewter Goblets Hammered Finish
Arthur and Guinevere Pewter Wedding Goblets, Smooth Finish
Arthur and Guinevere Renaissance Wedding Cake Top Set
Ask, Believe, Receive
Ask, Believe, Receive-The Law of Attraction
Assorted Quartz Angels 3"
Assorted Small Angels $6.00 each
Astrological Earrings
Astrological Jewelry
Astrological Medicine Bags
Astrological Services with Sandi
Astrology Lessons with Tany
Astrology Wand Pendants
Aventurine Wand (approx 5.3 in long)-SOLD
Awakened Insight Light Center
Awakening Bell (sold out )
Awakening for the New Children
Baby Crystal Wand Pendants
Baby's Breath Earrings
Baby's Breath Necklace
Back view of Dragon Wing Heart Toasting Flute showing detail of wings
Bamboo Earrings
Bamboo Necklace
Bar Or Bat Mitzvah Porcelain Hinged Box with Haftora
Be sure to browse our Complete Judaica Section On this Site
Beach Cats by Janet Skiles
Beth – Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Intuitive Tarot Reader, Reiki Healer
Bird Family Stone - "Love"
Birds and Bird Houses
Black and White Cards from the Geometries of Creation Deck
Black Pyramid Light Box (SOLD OUT )
Bloodwood Narrow-dispels negative energy, intuition
Bloodwood Wide-dispels negative energy, intuition
Blue Calcite Double Hearts (approx 4 x 2.5")
Blue Dream ( sold out )
Brilliant Sun Light Center
Brown Obsidian Horse Head - One Of A Kind
Bubble of Magic Fairy
(1 left)

Bubbles & Butterflies -
Nene Thomas

Buddha Wall Hanging ( temporarily unavailable )
Buddha Wand - Aventurine & Rose Quartz
Bunny Egg Box ( Retiring )
Bunnytale ( 1 left )
Butterfly Fairy (Limited Edition Collectable)
Butterfly Waterfall Jigsaw Puzzle
Lori Schory

Calling all Angels - Angelite
Calling All Angels - Elestial
Calling all Angels - Prehnite
Calling All Angels - Seraphinite
Calling All Angels Amulets
Cancer Astrology Wand Pendant
Cancer Earrings
Cancer Illuminated Laser Cut Crystal
Cancer Medicine Bag
Cancer Pawn close-up
Cancer Pawns
Capricorn Astrology Wand Pendant
Capricorn Earrings
Capricorn Medicine Bag
Captain of the Beasts (Limited Edition) ( 1 left )
Cara - Psychic, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Medium
Cast Dragon Figurines - Choice of 4
Castle Stronghold by Lori Schory
Celtic Cake Knife Separate
Celtic Cake Server Separate (unavailable)
Celtic Cake Topper Separate
Celtic Style Goblet Pewter Stem
Celtic Wedding Cake Topper, Cake Server and Cake Knife Set
Chakra (Balance) Baby Crystal Wand Pendant
Chakra Children's Stone Set
Chakra Earrings
Chakra Flower Earrings
Chakra Flower Earrings
Chakra Flower Necklace
Chakra Flower Necklace
Chakra Incense Holder
Chakra Items
Chakra Jewelry 7 Chakara Pendants and Chain ( temporarily unavailable )
Chakra Key Book by Rick Ireton
Chakra Key T-shirt
Chakra Pendulum
Chakra Pyramid Box
Chakra Rainbow Maker-20mm crystal
Chakra Rainbow Maker-20mm crystal
Chakra Rainbow Maker-30mm crystal
Chakra Rainbow Maker-30mm crystal
Chakra Singing Bowls Set
Chakra Single Dangle Earrings
Chakra Sun-catcher Chime
Chakra Sun-Catcher String
Chakra Treasure Box
Chakra Wand
Chanukah Items
Chess Board (Board Only)
Children's Chakra Bag
Cho Ku Rei Large Reiki Wand
Cho Ku Rei Medium Reiki Wand
Cho-Ku-Rei Beam of Light Pendant
Chrisocholla Heart (approx 3x3) sold
Christmas Bells by Lori Schory
Christmas Gifts
Christmas Music - Inner Christmas Instrumental Music by Kristopher Stone ( SOLD OUT )
Christmas Tree Oil Lamps
Chrysalis Fairy
Chrysalis Fairy Hand Mirror ( temporarily unavailable )
Chrysalis Fairy Jewelry Box ( temporarily unavailable )
Cindy- Astrologer, Shamanism; Tarot, Oracle and Intuitive Chart Readings.
Citrine Crystal (approx 7" tall) (sold)
Citrine and Quartz Crystals
Citrine Crystal (approx 5 x 3.4") sold
Citrine Crystal (approx 5" tall) (sold out )
Citrine Crystal (approx 8" tall)
Claire - Psychic, Clairvoyant, Tarot, Healing, Chakra Balancing, Cleansing.
Cleansing and Chakra Balancing with Claire
Clear Quartz Chakra Wand
Clonum ( unavailable )
Close Up of Dolphin Cake Server Set
Close Up View of Arthur and Guinevere Craftsmanship
Close-Up of Arthur Guinevere Goblets
Close-Up of Craftsmanship of Kissing Fairy Flutes
Close-Up of Dragon Goblet - Blue Crystals
Close-Up of Dragon Goblets - Red Cyrstals
Close-up of Dragon Heart Flute
Close-up of Dragon Stein
Close-Up of Dream Dragon
Close-up of Fairy Opal Flute Glass
Close-up of Fairy Opal Flute Pewter Base
Close-Up of Maiden Wedding Goblet
Close-up of Spring Lily Angel Statue
Close-up Side View of Dragon Wing Heart Toasting Flutes
Close-up side view of Renaissance Dragon
Close-up view of wing detail from back view of Dragon Wing Heart Toasting Flutes
Clover 3 Leaf Post Earrings
Clover Flexible Bracelet
Collectible Hinged Box Dreidel (Blue Trim - 4") ( sold out )
Collectible Porcelain Hinged Boxes - 16 Available
Compassion Fairy by Dezine
Conastar (Guitar) ( sold out )
Constellations Mug
Copper Enchantment Jeweled Box
Coral Bell Earrings
Coral Bell Necklace
Courage Fairy by Dezine
Creative Fire Light Center
Crimson Lilly-SOLD OUT
Crystal - One of a Kind NEW!
Crystal Fairy Gardens by Elana
Crystal Heart Cascade - Passion
Crystal Hearts, Angels & Spheres!
Crystal Incense
Crystal Lamps and Tea Lights
Crystal Spiral - Rainbow Butterflies, Medium Ball
Crystal Spiral - Rainbow Hearts
Crystal Spiral - Rainbow Icicles
Crystal Spiral - Rose Hearts
Crystals, Jewelry & Minerals
Custom Dreamcatchers by Xenia
Custom Salad Server Set ( 8 left )
Cynthia Backer, RN, BSN, MAT, MIH, HNB-BC, CHTP
Dai Ko Myo Large Reiki Wand
Dai Ko Myo Medium Reiki Wand
Dai-Ko-Myo Beam of Light Pendant
Damiana Oak Earrings
Damiana Oak Necklace
Dance of the Unicorn Jigsaw Puzzle
Dark Skies ( sold out )
Dating Cow - Cowparade Figurine (Retiring)
Daughter of the Deep
Day and Night Mug
Day Dreaming Water Baby ( Retiring )
Daybreak-SOLD OUT
Demi Dragon Heart Wedding Toasting Goblets (Hammered)
Demi Dragon Heart Wedding Toasting Goblets (Smooth)
Demi Toasting Goblets
Detail of Dragon Toasting Goblets
Detail of Mummy Playing Cards
Detail of the Face
Detail View of Arthur and Gwen Cake Knife and Server
Detail View of Front of Pyramid Jewelry Box
Dewdance's Treasure ( 2 left )
Dewmoon ( temporarily unavailable )
Dezine Fairy Collection (Limited Edition)
Dolphin Cake Knife Separate unavailable
Dolphin Cake Server Separate
Dolphin Cake Server, Knife and Cake Top Set
Dolphin Cake Top Separate
Dolphin Heart Champagne Flutes ( 2 Kinds )
Dolphin Jigsaw Puzzle
by Dennis Rogers

Dolphin Wand
Double Happiness Mugs - set of 2
Dragon Bookends Pewter Colored ( unavailable )
Dragon Dreams Jigsaw Puzzle
Dragon Figurines
Dragon Heart Cake Knife Separate ( unavailable )
Dragon Heart Cake Server Separate
Dragon Heart Cake Top
Dragon Heart Champagne Flutes
Dragon Heart Flutes Interlocked
Dragon Heart Goblets (Hammered) ( 2 Choices)
Dragon Heart Goblets (Smooth Cups)
Dragon Heart Pendant
Dragon Heart Wedding Cake Server, Cake Knife and Cake Top Set
Dragon Rider Pewter (Limited Edition) ( sold out )
Dragon Ship
Dragon Stein ( 1 left )
Dragon Stein Open Position
Dragon Wing Heart Toasting Flutes ( 3 Choices )
Dragon Wing Toasting Flutes ( 3 Choices)
Dragon Writing
Dragonfly Birdbath
Dragonrider Fairy
Dragonrider Fairy Hand Mirror (unavailable)
Dragonrider Fairy Jewelry Box ( temporarily unavailable )
Dragons & Fairies - Grand Assortment. - Nene Thomas
Dragons & Fairies - Halo - Nene Thomas ( temporarily unavailable )
Dragons & Fairies - Nene Thomas
Dragons & Fairies - Winter Wings - Nene Thomas ( temporarily unavailable )
Dragons & Fairies - Witching Hour - Nene Thomas ( temporarily unavailable )
Dragons with Ladies
Dream Keeper ( unavailable )
Dream Seeds Silver Earrings
Dreamer of the Sea Small Figurine
Earth (Grounding) Crystal Wand Pendant
Earth Chimes - 37" - Silver
Earth Element Amulet
Earth Energy Light Center
Earth Plate
Easter Bunny ( 3 Choices)
Easter Bunny Bowl Brown ( Retiring )
Easter Bunny Bowl White ( Retiring)
Eastern Energies - Chakra Chimes (Amethyst )
Eastern Energies - Chakra Chimes (Aventurine)
Eastern Energies - Chakra Chimes (Citrine)
Eastern Energies - Chakra Chimes (Obsidian)
Eastern Energies - Chakra Chimes (Red Corral)
Eastern Energies - Chakra Chimes (Turquoise)
Eastern Energies Chimes - NEW!
Eastern Enlightenment
Eastern Statues
EGYPT STARGATE: Stairway to Heaven - 2008
Egyptian and Roman Chess Set ( unavailable )
Egyptian Artifacts
Egyptian Columns - Display Case
Egyptian Diety Vase ( 1 left )
Egyptian Gods and Goddess Statues
Egyptian Gods, Goddesses and Pharaoh Statues
Egyptian Gold Mask Of King Tut
Egyptian Guardian Statue 4 Feet Tall ( sold out )
Egyptian Hippopotamus Figurine ( TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE )
Egyptian Horus Falcon Mirror ( 1 left )
Egyptian King Throne Chair
Egyptian King's Bed Artifact Replica
Egyptian Pharaoh Vase
Egyptian Pharaoh's Bed Artifact Replica
Egyptian Pyramid Jewelry Box
Egyptian Pyramids, Obelisks & Sphinx
Egyptian Statue Hathor ( 1 left )
Egyptian Statues
Egyptian Style Chess Sets
Egyptian Thrones and Furniture
Egyptian Vase Replicas - 8 Kinds
Egyptian Winged Scarab Box ( SOLD OUT )
Element Amulets-NEW!
Elvin Promise Pendant
Emperor Gongs - 34.5" Black
Emperor Gongs - 34.5" Cherry
Emperor Gongs-NEW!
Enter if you Dare by Mary Thompson
Erika's Dream (Fan) Jigsaw Puzzle Lori Schory
Eternal Sky Light Center
Eucalyptus Long Double Leaf Pendant
Expression (Creativity) Baby Crystal Wand Pendant
Faerie Glen & Nene Thomas - Bubbles Series
Faerie Glen - Goddess Series - Jessica Galbreth
Faerie Glen -
Band Series

Faerie Glen -
Bubble Series II: NEW!

Faerie Glen -
Bubbles Series

Faerie Glen -
Companion Ornaments

Faerie Glen -
Fashion Fairy Series

Faerie Glen -

Faerie Glen -
J Collen-Tarrolly Series

Faerie Glen -
Krystaluma ( 1 left )

Faerie Glen -
Light & Dark Series

Faerie Glen -
Meadowshine ( sold out )

Faerie Glen -
Pearlshine ( 1 left )

Faerie Glen -
Secrets between friends

Faerie Glen - Alvebloom Fairy ( 3 left )
Faerie Glen - Amy Brown Season Assortment
Faerie Glen - Autumn Grandeur ( UNAVAILABLE )
Faerie Glen - Autumn Morning ( sold out )
Faerie Glen - Blushnour ( unavailable )
Faerie Glen - Bottom's Up
Faerie Glen - Bubble Series I
Faerie Glen - Bubble Series II
Faerie Glen - Bubbles Series 2007
Faerie Glen - Chantglimmer Fashion Fairy ( unavailable )
Faerie Glen - Charisheen Fairy ( 2 left )
Faerie Glen - Dark Queen ( temporarily unavailable )
Faerie Glen - Dawn Dancing ( sold out )
Faerie Glen - Daydreaming
Faerie Glen - DewDance Bubble Fairy ( sold out )
Faerie Glen - Discovery ( unavailable )
Faerie Glen - Display Case ( 1 left )
Faerie Glen - Dragon Moon ( sold out )
Faerie Glen - Dreamchoro Fairy
Faerie Glen - Eleshine Fashion Fairy ( 5 left )
Faerie Glen - Exploring
Faerie Glen - Fernview (1 LEFT)
Faerie Glen - Finaflight ( 1 left )
Faerie Glen - Fluttercharge (SOLD OUT)
Faerie Glen - Gelder Rose ( sold out )
Faerie Glen - Goddess Series I -
Jessica Galbreth

Faerie Glen - Goddess Series II -
Jessica Galbreth

Faerie Glen - Gothic Rose ( sold out )
Faerie Glen - Gypsy Rose
Faerie Glen - Harmony
Faerie Glen - Helping Hands
Faerie Glen - Hermatae ( SOLD OUT )
Faerie Glen - Jacqueline Collen Tarrolly Midnight Assortment
Faerie Glen - Jasmine
Faerie Glen - Kelytael Fairy ( 1 left )
Faerie Glen - La Bella Luna
Faerie Glen - Linda Ravenscroft Natural Assortment
Faerie Glen - Love Overflowing
Faerie Glen - Luv ya like a sis
Faerie Glen - Meadowlark ( temporarily unavailable )
Faerie Glen - Monydove Fashion Fairy ( 2 left )
Faerie Glen - Moonglimmer Bubble Fairy ( 1 left )
Faerie Glen - Mysbe Fairy ( temporarily unavailable )
Faerie Glen - Mystirodo Fairy ( unavailable )
Faerie Glen - Omen ( SOLD OUT )
Faerie Glen - Orchestral Bubble
Assortment - Nene Thomas

Faerie Glen - Pearlhush (SOLD OUT)
Faerie Glen - Persidew unavailable
Faerie Glen - Prismglow ( temporarily unavailable )
Faerie Glen - Queen of Fae
Faerie Glen - Queen of Shadows
Faerie Glen - Reveltyme ( temporarily unavailable )
Faerie Glen - Rosawind ( sold out )
Faerie Glen - Sapphire
Faerie Glen - Seamurmur ( 1 left )
Faerie Glen - Serenagain unavailable
Faerie Glen - Sharing
Faerie Glen - Sharing a story ( sold out )
Faerie Glen - Shimmergrace ( sold out )
Faerie Glen - Shimmerhush Fashion Fairy ( 8 left )
Faerie Glen - Snugglefae unavailable
Faerie Glen - Sparkledax Fairy ( temporarily unavailable )
Faerie Glen - Springease (SOLD OUT)
Faerie Glen - Storm Runes
Faerie Glen - Sundance Bubble Fairy
Faerie Glen - Sundream Bubble Fairy ( 7 left )
Faerie Glen - Tealbreeze
Faerie Glen - Tentimuse Fashion Fairy ( 5 left )
Faerie Glen - Terraconfi Fashion Fairy ( unavailable )
Faerie Glen - Terramuse Bubble Fairy ( 5 left )
Faerie Glen - Terratyme Bubble Fairy ( 2 left )
Faerie Glen - The Grump ( unavailable )
Faerie Glen - Travelers
Faerie Glen - Tresotyme Fashion Fairy ( 5 left )
Faerie Glen - True friends always
Faerie Glen - Twinklewane ( unavailable )
Faerie Glen - Verdure Fae
Faerie Glen - Waxiglow
Faerie Glen - Whisperglen Fashion Fairy ( unavailable )
Faerie Glen - Wisdom ( temporatily unavailable )
Faerie Glen - Yule Faery
Faerie Glen -
Sisters & Friends series

Faerie Glen
Premier Faerie Moon series-NEW!

Faerie Glen Fairies, Dragons & Accessories NEW ITEMS!
Faerie Glen Scenes - 2 choices
Faerie Glen
Premier Flying Assortments

Faerie Glen
Premier Relax Assortments

Faerie Glen
Treasure Box Series

Faerie Glen
Woodland Series 1

Faerie Glen
Woodland Series 2

Faerie Glen
Woodland Series 3

Faerie Myst - Enchanted Wand ( 1 left )
Fairie Glen -
Moon Assortment

Fairie Glen -
Woodland Series

Fairie Glen - Curarise Fairy ( unavailable )
Fairies by Jessica DeStepfano
Fairies by Jessica Galbreth-

Fairies by Jody Bergsma-

Fairy Cake Server, Knife and Cake Top Set
Fairy Cottages and Greenhouses
Fairy Flutes (1 Choice)
Fairy Gardens
Fairy Gardens and Fairy Figurines
Fairy Mushroom ( 3 left )
Fairy Opal Flute
Fairy Pieces Side 1
Fairy Pieces Side 2
Fairy Signs
Fairy Tree House
Fairy Wedding Cake Knife
Fairy Wedding Cake Server
Fairy Wedding Cake Top Amethyst European Glass
Fairy Wedding Cake Top Blue European Glass
Fairy Wedding Cake Top Opal European Glass
Fantasy Book Ends and Book Holders
Fantasy Butterfly Puzzle
by Ruth Sanderson

Fantasy Figurine Chess Sets and Board Games
Fantasy Goblets, Steins & Shot Glasses
Fantasy Pumpkin Pewter Chariot ( 1 left )
Father's Day
Fax / Mail Order Form
Feng Shui
Feng Shui Chakras Chimes
Feng Shui Chimes - 11.75" Pocket Chakra Chime
Feng Shui Chimes -
39" Jade

Feng Shui Flags ( temporarily unavailable )
Feng Shui Medicine Bag
Feng Shui with Kristina
Fertility Goddess
Fifty Dollar Mystical Dragon Gift Certificate
Figurines by Josephine Wall
Figurines by Sheila Wolk - unavailable
Figurines- Dragons, Wizards, Unicorns, Mermaids, Gargoyles
Flight Pattern by Lori Schory
Flower Solar Graden stakes
Forget Me Not Earrings
Forget Me Not Necklace
Freedom Fairy by Dezine
Frog Lamp with Lamp Shade ( 2 left )
Front View Pyramid Jewelry Box Open
Frosted Glass Surfing Dolphins Illuminated Statue
Frosted Glass Worship Wizard with Glass Sphere ( 1 left )
Full View of Wedding Cake Knife and Server
Funny Feet Stuffed Animals: Dragons and Unicorns
Ganesh - Large ( sold out )
Ganesh - Medium ( sold out )
Ganesh Stuffed Animals
Ganesha Illuminated Water Fountain ( temporarily unavailable )
Ganesha Statue Mythology of India
Ganesha Wand - Labradorite & Rose Quartz
Garden Gnome on Stone with Bird
Garden Gnome Playing Fiddle with Frog
Garden Gnome Playing Horn on Mushroom
Garden Gnome Reading Book with Owl
Garden Gnome Riding on Turtle
Garden Gnome with Mushroom Umbrella
Garden Guardian Angel
Garden of the Goddess Prayer Flags
Garden Peace Angel
Garden, Chimes & Dreamcathcers
Gardenia - Earrings
Gardenia Necklace
Gary Rosenthal Collection Stained Glass Menorah ( sold out )
Gary Rosenthal Collection Jewish Wedding Glass for Breaking
Gary Rosenthal Collection Jewish Wedding Glass for Breaking and Keepsakes
Gatekeeper ( tem0porarily unavailable )
Gathering Storm ( sold out )
Gem Elixirz Sprays
Gemini Astrology Wand Pendant
Gemini Earrings
Gemini Illuminated Laser Cut Crystal
Gemini Medicine Bag
Geometries of Creation Book and Deck
Geometries of Creation Deck and Book by Jill Estensen
Glass Well Oil Burner
Glimmermoon ( temporarily unavailable )
Goddess Series I - Celtic Witch - Jessica Galbreth ( sold out )
Goddess Series I - Dragon Witch - Jessica Galbreth SOLD OUT
Goddess Series I - Maiden Moon - Jessica Galbreth ( sold out )
Goddess Series I - Mother Earth - Jessica Galbreth ( sold out )
Goddess Series II - Diana - Jessica Galbreth ( uanvailable )
Goddess Series II - Hekate - Jessica Galbreth ( unavailable )
Goddess Series II - Shamaness - Jessica Galbreth (unavailable )
Goddess Series II - Wolf Maiden - Jessica Galbreth (unavailable )
Goddess Wand
Good Fortune Symbol Prayer Flags
Good Karma
Good Karma
Good Karma Silver Earrings
Good Karma Wand-NEW!
Good Luck
Good Luck Buddha Padai Monk
Gourd Fairy House with Light
Grape Vine Cake Knife Separate
Grape Vine Cake Server Separate
Grape Vine Cake Server, Knife and Cake Top Set
Grape Vine Cake Top Separate
Grape Vine Goblet ( Opal Glass )
Grapevine Heart Flutes
Grapevine Heart Flutes (Blue)
Grapevine Heart Flutes Detail
Great Holiday Jigsaw Puzzles
Green Tara Silk Hanging ( temporarily unavailable )
Green Tourmalated Quartz Crystal (approx 3" tall) (sold)
Hand-set Mother of Pearl Silverware Set ( 2 sets left )
Happiness Silver Earrings
Happiness Wand-NEW!
Happy Trails Jeweled Box ( temporarily unavailable )
Harmony (Joy) Baby Crystal Wand Pendant
Haunted House Jigsaw Puzzle Jacki Frerichs
Healer (Health) Baby Crystal Wand Pendant
Healer - Transformational Wand
Healer Silver Earrings
Healer Wand
Healing Gongs - 30" Black & Cherry (Temporarily Unavailable)
Heather Snowflake Fairy by Dezine ( 1 left )
Hedgehog Reading Book Under Mushroom
Hedgehog Stone - "Believe"
Hideaway Jigsaw Puzzle
by Lori Schory

History Of The Driedel
History Of The Menorah
Holiday Gifts
Holiday Jigsaw Puzzles
Home Selling Kit-NEW!
Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen Beam of Light Pendant
Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen Large Reiki Wand
Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen Medium Reiki Wand
Honey Finish Zen Alarm Clocks
Hummingbird Reflections by Lori Schory
Hummingbird Solar Stake
Illuminated Laser Cut Crystal Collection Zodiac Signs and More
Illuminated Statues, Sculptures and Light Boxes
iMoo - Cowparade Figurine (Retiring This Year)
Indeara- Spiritual Reader: Psychic Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient
Infinite Love Light Center
Inner Child Dolphin Wand Pendant - Vision Hawk
Inspiration Light Center Amulet
Interlocking Man Key
Interlocking Woman Key
Intuitive Painting for Everyday Life and Business with Lindsay
Jade Temple Bells -
25" Trio Steel

Jannine Oberg, M.S. - Holistic Counselor, Astrologer, Certified Career Counselor, Star Caster -Astrological Rune Readings, EFT Practitioner
Jewel-in-a-Net - Chakra Stone Set

Jeweled Cow Trinket Box
Jeweled Elvis Trinket Box
Jeweled Green Leaf Triket Box
Jeweled Hearts Trinket Box
Jeweled-Handle Spreaders (Set of 4) ( 5 sets left )
Jewelled Americow Trinket Box (1 left)
Jewelled Angelicow Trinket Box (1 left)
Jewelled Cow Trinket Boxes

Jewelled Flower Trinket Box ( 2 LEFT )
Jewelled Moocho Amor Trinket Box ( 1 LEFT )
Jewelled Moolin the Wizard Trinket Box ( sold out)
Jewelled Muu Nica Alada Trinket Box ( 2 LEFT )
Jewelled Tutancowman Trinket Box ( 1 LEFT )
Joyce Barker
Judaica Wedding Gifts
Judy- Psychic, Clirsentient, Angel Cards, Intuitive Tarot Readings
Jumping Jake Fairy by Dezine 2002
Jupiter Plate
Keep Me Safe
Keep Me Safe
Keep me safe Earrings
Key Keeper - Sleeping Fairy
Kids Vial
Kindred Spirit ( unavailable )
King Arthur Fantasy Chess Pieces
King Arthur Fantasy Chess Set ( unavailable )
King Tutankhamun and Guardian Statues
King's Vase ( 1 left )
Kissing Fairy Champagne Flutes ( 3 Kinds )
Kissing Fairy Champagne Flutes Cobalt
Kissing Fairy Champagne Flutes Opal Glass
Kissing Fairy Champagne Flutes Sapphire
Kit-Vine Arbor Mini Garden Set
Kit-Wildewood Mini Garden Set
Kit-Willow Mini Garden Set
Kittens Delight Jigsaw Puzzle by Giordano Studios
Kristina Ming, Ph.D - Feng Shui Master, Handwriting Analysis
Krystaluma's Treasure ( 2 left )
Kuan Ying Illuminated Laser Cut Crystal
Kwan Yin
La Casa Magica
Lakshmi Illuminated Water Fountain ( unavailable )
Lakshmi Wall Hanging
Lamps, Mugs and Plates
Lapis Lazuli Clear Quartz Wand (approx 7.7 in long)
Large Chakra Balancer Crystal and Gemstone Wand
Large Crystal and Gemstone Wand of Protection
Large Cyrstal and Gemstone Alchemist Wand ( 1 left )
Large Dragon Attacking Castle ( sold out )
Large Dragon On Rock ( 1 Left )
Large Egyptian Sphinx
Large Gemstone and Crystal Fairy Wand (Fae) ( TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE ) )
Large Reiki Wands
Large Reiki Wands (9-11")
Large Wands by Seeds Of Light
Large Wedding Glass Mezuzah
Laurie Reyon Anderson - Reiki Master, Chakra Balancing
LeeAnn - Psychic, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Tarot, Third Generation
Left Side - Brown Obsidian Horse Head
Lemurian Tray No. 1 (approx. 7.5")( Sold out )
Lemurian Tray No. 2 (approx. 7.5")
Lemurian Tray No. 3 (approx. 7.6")
Lemurian Wand No. 10 (approx. 6")
Lemurian Wand No. 11 (approx. 5.8")
Lemurian Wand No. 6 (approx. 5.3") ( sold out )
Lemurian Wand No. 9 (approx. 8.6") (sold)
Leo Astrology Wand Pendant
Leo Earrings
Leo Illuminated Laser Cut Crystal
Leo Medicine Bag
Liberty Fairy by Dezine ( sold out )
Libra Astrology Wand Pendant
Libra Earrings
Libra Illuminated Laser Cut Crystal
Libra Medicine Bag
Lighted Egyptian Pyramid ( TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE )
Lighthouse Oil Lamps on a Rock
Limited Edition and One of a Kind Statues and Figurines, Dragons and Wizards
Limited Edition Collectible Oil Lamps - 3 Styles (All On Sale )
Limited Edition Dragon Pewter Figurines (3 Items)
Limited Edition Fantasy, Dragon and Wizard Figurines
Lindsey - Tarot, Clairvoyant, Medical Intuitive, Remote Viewing, Energy Healing.
Little Dragon - Nene Thomas ( temporarily unavailable )
Live, Love, Laugh
Long Faux Wood Bench
Lord Of The Rings Goblet Gondolin ( sold out )
Love (Unconditional) Baby Crystal Wand Pendant
Love Dragon Champagne Flutes Cobalt
Love Dragon Cobalt Goblet
Love Dragon Toasting Flutes ( 5 Choices )
Love Frog with Heart Pewter Figurine - 1 left
Love Mezuzah
Love of the Sea Large Figurine
Love of the Sea Small Figurine
Love Silver Earrings
Love Springs Eternal - Jessica Galbreth ( sold out )
Lullaby Cow Parade Figurine ( Retiring )
Luring Melody Pewter Dragon and Fairy
Magic Mistress ( 2 left )
Magic Wand-NEW!
Magical Unicorn - Enchanted Wand ( TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE )
Makassar Ebony Narrow-protection, balance
Makassar Ebony Wide-protection, balance
Man and Woman Interlocking Soulmate Pendant
Manatees Jigsaw Puzzle ( temporarily unavailable )
Many Styles Of Wedding Toasting Flutes
Mark Roberts Prince of Kings Fairy 8" not pictured
Mars Chimes - 17" - Silver
Mars Plate
Mary Magdalene
Matza Ball Soup Hinged Box (sold out)
Meadowshine's Treasure ( temporarily unavailable )
Mecury Chimes - 14" - Bronze
Meditating Frog on Rock with Om Symbol
Meditation Mandala Prayer Flags
Medium Reiki Wands (4-5")
Menorah Hinged Box with Dreidel by Jacob Rosenthal ( 2 left )
Menorah Keepsake Hinged Box
Mercury Plate
Merkaba with Crystal Heart Center
Merkaba with Crystal Sun Disc
Mermaid Duet Pewter by Artist Lorie O'Follet
Mermaid Figurines
Mermaid Malin - Pewter by artist Lorie O' Follet ( temporarily unavailable )
Mermaid Mother with Baby Mermaid
Mermaid Sleeping on Stone
Metal Water Fountain Stand 24"
Metal Water Fountain Stand 34"
Mezuzah Stand
Mezuzza Stand for display
Michael Michaud Designer Jewelry- Made in USA
Migration Jigsaw Puzzle
( 1 left )

Millenium Dragon (Limited Edition) ( 1 Left )
Mini Animal Friends
Mini Asian Lantern
Mini Cement Stepping Leaf Stone
Mini Dragon Roaring
Mini Dragons
Mini Fairies
Mini Fairy Leaping Off Mushroom
Mini Fairy Riding Frog
Mini Fairy Smooch
Mini Fairy Yawning
Mini Furniture
Mini Garden Kits
Mini Gazing Ball - Cobalt
Mini Gnomes
Mini Greenhouse
Mini Mermaid on Rock
Mini Mermaid Playing
Mini Mermaid Sleeping in Seashell
Mini Mermaid Sleeping in Shell
Mini Mermaids
Mini Mermaids on Sea Star
Mini Mermaids Sleeping
Mini Mushrooms
Mini Mushrooms - Morel (Set/3)
Mini Mushrooms - Red (Set/3)
Mini Potting Bench
Mirrored Light Box ( temporarily unavailable )
Misty Blue (unavailable)
Mooma - Cow Parade Figurine ( Retiring )
Moon Flower
Moon Goddess Flags
Moonglimmer's Treasure ( 1 left )
Moonlight Warrior by Al Agnew
Moozart - Cowparade Figurine ( Retiring )
Mother of Pearl Condiment Set ( 6 sets left )
Mother's Day
Mugwort Smudge
Mummy Playing Card Gift Set
Musical Garland Fairy Tune Unchained Melody- ( 2 left ) limited edition
Mysteria Fairy Globe by J. De Stefano ( not pictured )
Mystibeat (Drum)
Mystical Lemurian Wands and Trays
Mystical Services
Nadine- Psychic, Clairvoyant, Angel Readings
Nature Bowl 101
Nature Bowl 103
Nature Bowl 105
Nature Bowl 201
Nature Bowl 301
Nature Bowl 601
Nature Bowl 605 Fountain & Stand
Nature Bowl 606
Nayer Kazemi Flowing River Copper Fountain
Nayer Kazemi Flowing River Stainless Steel Water Fountain
Nayer Kazemi Flowing River Water Fountains
Nayer Kazemi Water Art Fountains
Nefertiti Egyptian Statue
Neptune Chimes - 54" - Silver
Neptune Plate
New Age Books
NEW! Combined Artists Love Assortment
New! Dragons & Fairies - Orchestral Flower Asst. - Nene Thomas
New! Dragons & Fairies - Witch Assortment. - Nene Thomas
Nirvana Flags
No Name
No Name
Noah's Ark Hinged Box
O Star of Bethlehem by Lori Schory
Oceanna - Sea Mystical Mermaid Figurine
Oil Lamps
Omm Chakra Wand
One Hundred Dollar Mystical Dragon Gift Certificate
One Hundred Fifty Dollar Mystical Dragon Gift Certificate
One Of A Kind Statues & Figurines
One of a Kind Wands! NEW
One of a Kind Wooden Ganesha (signed )
Oracle Decks
Orcas at Play Jigsaw Puzzle ( unavailable )
Orchestral Flower Asst. - Lavendar Serenade Flower - Nene Thomas ( temporarily unavailable )
Orchestral Flower Asst. - Prelude in Blue Flower - Nene Thomas ( temporarily unavailable )
Orchestral Flower Asst. - Rhapsody in Gold Flower - Nene ( temporarily unavailable )
Orchestral Flower Asst. - Symphony in Black & White Flower - Nene Thomas ( temporarily unavailable )
Order Sky Lanterns
Pachelbel's Canon Chime
Painted Ponies
Jeweled Trinket Boxes

Palo Santo Spray
Palo Santo Sticks
Parrots in Paradise Jigsaw Puzzle by Lori Schory
Passion (Sexuality) Baby Crystal Wand Pendant
Passover Hinged Box with Matzot ( sold out )
Pasture Sunset by Cynthia Fisher
Patriotic Fairies by Dezine (4 to choose from) - ( Retiring )
Peace On Earth Flags
Peacock Champagne Flutes
Pegasus Free Flight Pewter (Limited Edition) ( 1 left )
Pennyswing (Horn)
Pewter and Glass Fantasy Goblets
Pewter Dragon Figurines
Pewter Dragons With Fairies and Enchantresses (3 Items)
Pewter Dream Dragon ( 1 left )
Pewter Mermaids ( 2 Items )
Pewter Women - 2 Choices
Pewter women and mermaids
Pink Rose Earrings
Pink Rose Necklace
Pisces Astrology Wand Pendant
Pisces Earrings
Pisces Illuminated Laser Cut Crystal
Pisces Medicine Bag
Planet Chimes-NEW!
Planet Plates Set
Playing Card and Oracle Deck Special Orders Available:
Playing Card Decks
Playing Cards & Oracle Deck Guarantee
Playing Cards & Oracles
Pluto Chimes - 27" - Bronze
Polaris Chimes - 22" - Silver
Porcelain Hinged Box (Shabbat) ( Temporarily Unavailable)
Positive Thoughts Silver Earrings
Power (Personal) Baby Crystal Wand Pendant
Power Place Wand Pendant - Vision Hawk
Prayer Flags & Wall Hangings
Prosperity (Abundance) Baby Crystal Wand Pendant
Prosperity Silver Earrings
Prosperity Wand
Protection (Shield) Baby Crystal Wand Pendant
Protection Silver Earring
Protection Wand
Proud Peacock by Lori Schory
Psychic (Intuitive) Baby Crystal Wand Pendant
Psychic Reader Aida
Psychic Readers
Psychic Self-defense by Victoria
Psychic Silver Earrings
Psychic Wand
Purification (Cleansing) Baby Crystal Wand Pendant
Purim Basket Hinged Box ( sold out )
Purple Butterfly Garden Stake Large
Quan Yin Wall Hanging
Queen Anne's Lace Earrings
Queen Anne's Lace Necklace Lg
Rabbits Holding Up Cabbage
Rainbow Makers
Rainforest Butterfly Jigsaw Puzzle
Alixandra Mullins

Raspberry Tart Fairies 2006 by Mark Roberts
Raspberry Tart Fairy L 17" by Mark Roberts 2006 ( 6 left )
Recovery (Personal Growth) Transformational Crystal Wand Pendant ( temporarily unavailable )
Red Fern Earrings
Red Fern Necklace
Reflection of the Sea Small Figurine
Regal Love Dragon Flutes Small Pair
Reiki Beam of Light Pendants
Reiki Charged Candles
Reiki Jewelry
Reiki Wand
Reiki Wands
Rejuvinator (Energizing) Baby Crystal Wand Pendant
Release Dreams
Renaissance Dragon Close Up
Renaissance Dragon Limited Edition Pewter Figurine - Unavailble
Reverend Beverly Rose Jones: Bilingual Medium/Clarividente Bilingue Spiritual and Personal Growth
Rintew ( unavailable )
Robin Hood Chess Set and Board ( unavailable )
Rose Heart Cake Knife Separate
Rose Heart Cake Server Separate
Rose Heart Cake Top Separate
Rose Heart Flutes
Rose Heart Goblet Opal
Rose Heart Wedding Cake Server, Knife and Cake Top Set
Rose Water Spray
Rosh Hashana Hinged Treasure Box ( sold out )
Run aground by Steve Sundram
Sabbath Candle Holder
Sabbath Goblet by Sandra Kravitz
Sacred Altars with Lindsay
Sacred Copal Incense
Sacred Sounds, Chimes, and Singing Bowls
Sage Smudging Sticks
Sage Spray
Sagittarius Astrology Wand Pendant
Sagittarius Earrings
Sagittarius Illuminated Laser Cut Crystal
Sagittarius Medicine Bag
Sago Palm Earrings
Sago Palm Necklace
Salt Crystal Candle Holder (unavailable)
Salt Crystal Electric Lamp ( Please Click on This)
Salt Crystal Potpourri
Sanctuary- unavailable
Sandi: Predictive and Natal Astrology for Finances, Relationships and Heath.
Santa's Snowy Ride
Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle

Saturn Chimes - 47" - Silver
Saturn Plate
Sayanna Sea Mystical Mermaid Figurine
Scarlet Gilia Earrings- SOLD
Scarlet Gilia Necklace- SOLD
Schedule Our Psychic Readers at
The Mystical Dragon I

Scorpio Astrology Wand Pendant
Scorpio Earrings
Scorpio Medicine Bag
Scorpio Pawn Close-up
Scorpio Pawns
Sea Goddess - Enchanted Wand ( 2 left )
Sea Goddess Amulet
Sea Goddess Amulets-NEW!
Sea Goddess Chakra Amulet
Sea Goddess Expression Amulet
Sea Goddess Healer Amulet
Sea Goddess Hope Amulet
Sea Goddess Love Amulet
Sea Goddess Prosperity Amulet
Sea Goddess Protection Amulet
Sea Goddess Psychic Amulet
Sea Goddess Soulmate Amulet
Sea Goddess Well Being Amulet
Sea Horse Jigsaw Puzzle
Steve Sundram

Seder Hinged Treasure Box ( sold out )
Seeds Of Light Jewelry, Wands, Amulets, & Pendants-NEW ITEMS!
Sei He Kii Large Reiki Wand
Sei He Kii Medium Reiki Wand
Sei-He-Ki Beam of Light Pendant
Selenite Pendants-NEW!
Septarian Yellow Double Hearts (approx 3.8 x 2.4") sold
Septarian Yellow Egg, (aprox 6.4" tall) SOLD
Septarian Yellow Egg, (aprox 7.2" tall)
Septarian Yellow Sphere, (aprox 3.5" tall)
Septarian Yellow Sphere, (aprox 4" tall)
Septarian Yellow Sphere, (aprox 4.5" tall)
Seventy- five Dollar Mystical Dragon Gift Certificate
Seyshell Sea Mystical Mermaid Figurine
Shari Dixon Designer Jewelry, Handmade in USA
Shirley - Medium,Wiccan Energy Reader, Fairy Cards, Life Adviser, Healer, Animal Heling
Side View of Dream Dragon
Side View of Frosted Glass Surfing Dolphins Illuminated Statue
Side View of Pyramid Jewelry Box Open
Side View of Renaissance Dragon Limited Edition
Side-View of The Luring Melody Pewter Dragon and Fairy
Silver Chakra Bracelet ( unavailable )
Single Smudging Feather
Sky Lanterns
Sky of Enchantment Jeweled Box ( 1 left )
Sleeping Fairy Baby
Sleeping Fairy Baby with Owl in Nest
Sleeping Mini Mermaid Friends
Sleepy Mini Dragon
Small Handheld Wands-NEW ITEMS!
Small Wedding Glass Mezuzah
Snowflake Fairies by Dezine - (All Retiring)
Snowflake Fairy Collection Plaque by Dezine ( Retiring ) ( 1 left )
Snowflake Jeweled Box ( temporarily unavailable )
Soft Winds and Gentle Landings by Lori Schory
Solar Butterfly Trellis
Solar Dragonfly Trellis
Song of the Dolphins by Lori Schory
Sophia Dolls™ -Premier Limited Edition- ( SALE!!!!)
Soul Mate Jewelry
Soul Star
Soulmate Amulet
Soulmate Earrings
Soulmate Vision Hawk Pendant
Soulmate Wand
Souvenirs of the Sea by Lori Schory
Space Clearing with Kristina
Specialty Jigsaw Puzzles
Specialty Knives and Cheese Spreader (Set of 4) ( 2 sets left )
Spherical Cyrstal (3.5") (sold)
Spherical Cyrstal (6.5")
Spinning Merkaba Wand
Spooky Haunted House
Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle

Spring Lily Angel Statue ( Retiring ) ( 2 Left )
St Joseph the Worker - Home Seller Kit
St. Germaine Amethyst Wand (sold)
Star of David Clear Quartz Crystal Pendant 14k Gold Mountings
Star of David Clear Quartz Crystal Pendant ( Silver )
Star Of David Pendants
Star of David Siberian Blue Quartz Crystal Pendant
Star of David Siberian Blue Quartz Crystal Pendant 14k Gold Mountings
Star of David Siberian Green Quartz Crystal Pendant
Starborn Wand Pendant - Vision Hawk
Stardust Jeweld Box ( temporarily unavailable )
Starfish Medium Round 16" Adj. Pendant
Starfish Small Round Wire Earring
Statues, Figurines, Dolls
Steins and Shot Glasses
Stone Cottage w/Living Roof
Strawberry Patch by Mary Thompson
Success Silver Earrings
Success Wand-NEW!
Sun & Fun- California
Jigsaw Puzzle William Teodecki

Sundream's Treasure ( unvailable )
Suntyme (Piano)
Sweet Basil 16" Adj. Multi Dangle Leaf Pendant
Sweet Basil Two Tone Drop Wire Earrings
Swimming Lesson (Turtle) Jigsaw Puzzle by Steve Sundram
T. Chi
Table Top Chimes for Home or Work
Tamo Ash Narrow-communication, knowledge
Tamo Ash Wide-communication, knowledge
Tany, B.S., M.S. - Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Teacher
Tany-Astrology, Angel Cards, Celestial Cards, Career Counseling, Behavior Analysis
Tao of Goddess Box ( temporarily unavailable )
Tara with Lotus of Wisdom
Taurus Astrology Wand Pendant
Taurus Earrings
Taurus Illuminated Laser Cut Crystal
Taurus Medicine Bag
Tea for Two by Lori Schory
Temple Bells -
32" Quintet Copper

Temple Bells-
32" Quintet - Brass

Temple Bells-NEW!
Ten Dollar Mystical Dragon Gift Certificate
Terramuse's Treasure ( temporarily unvailable )
The Enchantress and her Dragon - Pewter ( temporarily unavailable )
THE ESSENCE OF FRANCE - Retreat in Provence
The Falcon Horus
The Four Season's Limited Edition Petal Fairy ( 1 left)
The Gary Rosenthal Collection
The Gift - Nene Thomas ( temporarily unavailable )
The Glass Well Oil Burner Square
The Jacob Rosenthal Rite Lite Collection
The Presidential Menorah ( temporarily unavailable )
The Seven Chakra LIght Centers Pendants
The Story Teller: Dragon and Wizard Crafted Pewter
The Wedding Dreidel ( temporarily unavailable )
Thyme Earrings
Thyme Necklace
Tibetan Dancing Water Bowl (Large)
Tibetan Dancing Water Bowls
Tibetan Temple Flags
Tiny Birds (Set/6)
To Hold #1
To Hold #2
Toasting and Renaissance Wedding Goblets
Toasting Goblets and Flutes All Glass with Pewter Applique
Tomato Fairies 2007 - Mark Roberts
Transparency and Water by Nayer Kazemi Water Fountains
Tree Of Life Menorah Silver 5" by Sandra Kravitz ( temporarily unavailable )
Tree Of Life Menorah Silver 7" by Sandra Kravitz
Tree Of Life Menorah Silver 9" by Sandra Kravitz ( temporarily unavailable )
Tropical Setting by Mary Thompson
Tulipwood Narrow-creativity, intuition, beauty
Tulipwood Wide-creativity, intuition, beauty
Twenty- five Dollar Mystical Dragon Gift Certificate
Two Hundred Dollar Mystical Dragon Gift Certificate
Tzedakah Hinged Treasure Box for Chanukah ( 6 left )
Ume Stud Earrings
Ume Twigs Necklace
Unicorn and Pegasus Figurines
Uranus Plate
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Venus Chimes - 58" - Bronze
Venus Plate
Verbummagus Dragon Series I
ViA Allure Gem Bottle
ViA Balance Gem Bottle
ViA Beauty Gem Bottle
ViA CrystalEdition - Golden Moments
ViA CrystalEdition - Passion
ViA CrystalEdition - Vision
ViA Cupid's Kiss Gem Bottle
ViA Diamonds Gem Bottle
ViA Fitness Gem Bottle
ViA Five Elements Gem Bottle
ViA Inner Purity Gem Bottle
ViA Inspiration Gem Bottle
ViA Kids Gem Bottle
ViA Momentum Gem Bottle
ViA Sunny Morning Gem Bottle
ViA Vitality Gem Bottle
ViA Wellness Gem Bottle
Victoria - Psychic, Clairvoyant, Tarot, Runes, Aura Readings, Spiritual Counselor.
Victoria - Spiritual Counselor, Tarot, Aura Readings
View from the Side
View of Egyptian Chess Pieces
View of Face - Pewter Mermaid
View of Roman Chess Pieces
View of the Back
View of the Signature
Vintage Birdhouse Picks (Set/6)
Virgo Astrology Wand Pendant
Virgo Earrings
Virgo Illuminated Laser Cut Crystal
Virgo Medicine Bag
Virles ( unavailable )
Vision Hawk Series of Baby Wand Pendants
Vision Hawk Wand Pendant
Vision Walk Wand Pendant - Vision Walk
VitaJuwel Phiolino Amethyst Mini Vial
Vitajuwel-Gemstone Water Bottles & Vials
Walking Dragon Cobalt Goblet
Water & Fire 701 Fountain
Water and Moon Kuan Kin Bodhisattva ( unavailable )
Water Babies Together ( Retiring )
Water Babies Waterslide Wall Plaque ( Retiring )
Water Babies Windchime ( Retiring )
Water Baby Friends ( Retiring )
Water Fountains
Wearable Nature by Dorn Crowe
Wedding Dreidel (small) ( temporarily unavailable )
Wedding Event Items-
Mark Roberts-NEW!

Wedding Gifts & Goblets
Wedding Knife and Cake Server ( sold out )
Wedding Maiden Goblet ( 2 Choices)
Wedding Maiden Goblet (Hammered Finish)
Wedding with Ketubah Hinged Treasure Box ( sold out )
Weight Loss
Weight Loss
Weight Loss Silver Earrings
Well Being
Whisper of the Sea Small Figurine
Wind Dragon Pewter Figurine
Winged Dragon Goblet with Blue Spheres ( 2 Choices of Glass)
Winged Scarab Mirror ( unavailable )
Wings of Color by Greg & Co
Winter Magic (unavailable)
Wisdom Keeper Wand Pendant - Vision Hawk
Wisteria Earrings
Wisteria Necklace
Wizard Card Game Deluxe Edition
Wizard Playing Card Game (Best Selling)
Wolf Shot glass Cobalt Blue ( 1 left )
Wolf Shotglass ( not pictured )
Woodrose Wand (approx 13 in long, sold separately)-SOLD
Woodstock Celestial Chimes- 27"
Woodstock Chakra Chimes- 17"
Woodstock Healing Chimes - 34"
Woodstock Massage Chimes- 24"
Woodstock Zenergy Chakra Chime
Woodstock Zenergy Chime - Solo
Woodstock Zenergy Chime - Trio
Worm Garden Stake Small
Wrought Iron Stand for Antique Game Board 24" Tall -- Stand is included in $ 90. price
Yantra Dream Flags ( temporarily unavailable )
Year of the Horse Jeweled Box ( 1 left )
Yefira ( unavailable )
Yoga Frog - Meditation Lotus Pose
Yolanda - Psychic, Intuitive Reader
Zebrawood Narrow-love, luck, wisdom, creativity
Zebrawood Wide-love, luck, wisdom, creativity
Zen Garden Arbor
Zen Garden Bridge
Zodiac Chess Set and Board ( UNAVAILABLE )