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Merkaba with Crystal Sun Disc


Soul Feeder - Merkaba with Crystal Sun Disc

4" x 4" Merkaba pendant, gold plated, welded-hand made with 10" cable/wire

& 40mm Crystal Sun Disc.

At a time we need it the most, Angels have given us a gift, a tool to bring in Angels into our physical World. Simply hang this Angelic Gateway (Soul Feeder) in a space(s) where you and your loved ones spend time. Preferably, where there's sunshine, now and then. Once complete, you may cast Prayers, Good Intentions, and Blessings into the Universe, filling One's space with Angels (Peace, Love, Forgiveness, Healing) & Rainbow Light.

Help Us create a better World (Physical & Spiritual) where we all come together, with an abundance of Peace, Joy, Forgiveness, Good Health, Wealth and Prosperity, through Love and Forgiveness.


!. Simply hang the Soul Feeder inside or outside, preferably where there is sunshine. When you see Rainbow Light, ask for what you wish/command of your Angels. Give them Thanks, and feel Grateful, for thier assistance.

2. Share with your friends, family, and loved ones. The MORE 'light' and Angels we can bring into the physical World, the faster, we disapate the 'darkness'!

3. As rainbow light fills your space, you may also send Angels on 'Missions', for others. They especially love doing God's work, yet they have a 'Pact' with God, they can only assist when you ask them. Bring in Angels, send them out to help others, and you will accumulate 'Merit' (Heavenly Gold). Besides Karma, Merit is the only thing we can bring to Heaven, after each human experience.

My Beloveds, this is truly a special, and POWERFUL gift. Please share with others, and together, we will walk side by side, breathing Holy Spirit, extending Love.

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