Victoria - Spiritual Counselor, Tarot,  Aura Readings

Victoria - Spiritual Counselor, Tarot Reader, Aura Readings

The granddaughter of a Basque gypsy, Victoria inherited her "gift of knowing" without much say in the matter. She has been a professional spiritual counselor for over fifteen years. As a Druid Priestess and Reiki Master, she also teaches esoteric studies, passes attunements, and organizes healing circles. Victoria uses a combination of tools and her natural psychic abilities to help her clients see beyond their present situation. She is fully committed to helping others connect with their own inner wisdom.

Under the Craft name of Lady Aurbame, she received her Priesthood initiation and teacherís credentials from the Druidic Craft of the Wise (American Rite), Circle of the North Star, under the sponsorship of High Priest and Priestess, Hyperion and Yemaya.

She teaches the Druid Studies class at the Mystical Dragon I on Monday nights - register now for the next session.

She is a Reiki Master; her certification lineage stems from Diane Stein.

To make an appointment with Victoria call 760-720-1986. She is available on Monday and Tuesday.

Victoria - Spiritual Counselor, Tarot, Aura Readings psrevi

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