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Sacred Altars with Lindsay

Sacred Altars with Lindsay

Sacred Altars with LindsayAltars are commonly thought of solely as places of religious worship, but an altar can serve many purposes and take many forms.

An altar can serve as a space of tranquility, meditation, introspection, inspiration, connection, and beauty. They can be places for you to express your connection with your Higher Power, whether it be the Universe, Source Energy, God, Buddha, Yogananda, Your Higher Self, or whatever you believe in.

They can also be built around a specific vision you have of your future to help remind you of your goals and manifest them.

Sacred Altars are spaces that attract your hopes and dreams. What are Sacred Altars Made of?

We all have things that we are connected to, such as crystals, art, gifts, fresh or dried flowers, beautiful objects--anything that you have a connection with. An altar can be in your home, indoors, or outdoors.

It can also be at your place of business. There are no limits. I always suggest that my clients use their imagination, and as an intuitive artist I can help you with that.

How I can Help you Create your Sacred Altar

•The process would begin with a short interview in which we discuss your desires, your needs, and what you would like to create. Even if you do not already have a lot of ideas, I will ask you guiding questions that will help you get in touch with your inspiration. •During the interview I will do an Aura reading for you to find out what your Aura colors are and to find out what colors you are most attracted to. We will use those in your altar design. •If possible, I will also look at the space in which you want to create your altar, and I will help you design the space that will be surrounding your altar to maximize the flow of positive energy. •Once we have all of the above information about your altar, we will begin collecting the items that support your vision. Many of them will possibly be things that you already have. •At this point I will guide you through putting your altar together in the best possible layout for your vision. •Additionally, I can provide a custom Intuitive Painting of any size that compliments the energy of your altar.

Contact Lindsay on Mondays between 10-5 at the Mystical Dragon 7607201986, for an estimate on your Sacred Altar project.

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