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Wedding Maiden Goblet ( 2 Choices)

Wedding Maiden Goblet

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This goblet was inspired by a maiden wedding goblet which originated in Neremberg Germany. The artist, Kevin O'Hare was so charmed by the story that he created this version. He explained that the maiden wedding goblet is a symbol of the city of Nuremburg and that there are several interpretations of the goblet which are inspired by the following story.

Once upon a time, around 1450, there was a goldsmith who lived in Germany. This goldsmith was renown throughout the land for two things. The first was his incredible skill as a jeweler and the second was the exquisite beauty of his only daughter. She was acclaimed to be the most beautiful woman seen in generations. The goldsmith planned to marry her off to the wealthiest noble he could find to insure prosperity and a good name for himself and his family.

Now, living with the goldsmith and his daughter was the goldsmith's apprentice. He was a hard worker and blessed with much talent in the shaping of metals. A young, handsome lad be he and, as in the way of such tales, the daughter did fall in love with him. The two did swear secretly to wed none but each other.

When the goldsmith did learn of their troth, he flew into a rage. He sent his daughter to a convent, forbidding her to even speak to a young man. Then, he cast the apprentice from his home and struck his name from the list of employed apprentices in the town.

The apprentice and the girl did beseech him to reconsider. They sent letters from friends, fellow craftsmen, the nuns, and the local Bishop begging for leniency. Not being a stupid man, the goldsmith realized that his standing in the community was being affected. So, did he devise a plan. He told the apprentice that if he could finish a certain task within a six month period, then he could wed the daughter. However, if he failed then both must agree to follow the goldsmith’s wishes. Agreeing to his test, the young couple listened as the goldsmith told them to create for him something he, with all his skills, could never do. “Fashion for me a cup that both of you might drink from at the same time without ever spilling a drop. Then and only then might you wed.”

Tirelessly the young couple did work throughout the six months. At the end of that time they did present to the goldsmith a cup very similar to the one you are now holding. The man drinks from the base and the woman from the top..

To this day, the goblet designed by the young couple is a familiar sight at traditional weddings. It represents the ability to be together against great odds. We, here at the Mystical Dragon, hope that this goblet brings you as much luck in love as it did for them. 7.5 in. tall, holds 8 oz. easily

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Wedding Maiden Goblet (Hammered Finish)
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