Astrology readings

Astrology is an ancient system that is probably one of the most sophisticated quantum computing devices ever imagined.

Essentially, it is a spiritual science that creates a bridge between our inner experience and our outer experience which we are perpetually co-creating.

Astrology is one of the esoteric sciences and it studies the movements and positions of the planets and stars and the relationship between these.

Astrology was studied and practiced by the priests in many traditions in Mesopotamia, Babylon, Egypt, Greece, India, China and also Tibet. It also was studied and used by the Aztec and Maya priests. Many forms of astrology existed in different cultures and traditions like Vedic, Chinese or Tibetan astrology.

What to expect from an astrology reading at Mystical Dragon?

Even the western astrology methods are various: Mundane Astrology, Natal Astrology, and Interrogatory Astrology. Your astrologist can use the method which can give you the right answers to your questions or problems. An astrology reading can guide you to understand more of yourself, your relationships, your past life events, your past choices, desires, aspirations. It can also assist you through stressful and troubling periods by helping you to make the right choices.

Here at Mystical Dragon, you can ask for different kind of astrology services, like compatibility chart for lovers, transit report (how planets influence your birth chart for the next period), your daily horoscope or an advanced intuitive astrology interpretation.

Astrology can give you answers and guidance:

  • In knowing and understanding yourself, your actions, aspirations, decisions better
  • In your relationships (love, marriage, family members, work)
  • In your career, business, finances
  • In finding out more about your skills, talents
  • In finding new solutions, the right decisions when you are confused.

Schedule an astrology reading at Mystical Dragon

Our astrologists are skilled and experienced with years of practice in astrology, and other divinatory methods.  Sometimes our readers can combine astrology with tarot reading. First, your astrologist will explain briefly about what will happen during your reading. Then she will ask you to give your birth date, time of birth and location so she can make your natal chart and provide you an accurate interpretation. It's good to address specific questions to your astrologist so she can help you with the right answers, and it’s important to receive all the information with an open mind.

Some information maybe does not make sense in your present but they can be useful in your future by offering additional choices and understandings that you may not have considered before.

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Our psychic readings are $30 for 15 minutes, $50 for 30 minutes, $70 for 45 minutes, $90 for 60 minutes. In-person or over the phone readings are available.


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