A Great Recipe for Happiness

How to find a new way of looking at life and overcome the old way of thinking

Today we would like to invite you on a short journey through Tao or Dao, translated as the way or the path. During this intense universal shift, some of us might find ourselves looking for a new way of seeing and perceiving life, especially if the old way feels foreign and installs a state of feeling lost.

Tao Te Ching- The Ancient Book of Wisdom

The Taoism began with a book by Lao Tzu called Tao Te Ching. Lao Tzu means the old one or the old child. Tao Te Ching is the second most read book after the Bible. It is written in 5000 words which trespass time and space, still opening the way to newcomers until this day. It begins with the verse 1 - "The tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao." It refers to the fact that naming leads to particularity and to separation. In our world, making a name for ourselves is for many purposes, to brand ourselves has become our life's goal. Tao teaches the way in which we do not cling to the name or the brand, but we look for its essence and for its manifestation, and if it's not in harmony with nature, it is not the way. Tao calls us to look at nature and learn from it, in each of its manifestations we can find the eternal truth of life. Everything is perfect as it is, we need not force the change or transformation. It happens inevitably. Isn't it foolish to waste energy on trying to change things when nature does it so masterfully? Letting go means to allow nature to follow its course while practicing patience.

To practice patience we must use moments of solitude when we can hear our thoughts undisturbed, when we can know our intentions and observe how all passes, how temporary is everything that arises. There is great truth in this which is taught by all meditation techniques. Surrendering to temporality, to the perpetual passing and changing is one of the greatest recipes of happiness. Each emotion and each though passes. Let it pass, let all go.

Contemplation Instead of Conceptualization

Harmony can be found everywhere in nature. Let us look without conceptualizing. Let us exist in resonance with the Divine Harmony instead of living in a constant race to fulfill desires instead of needs. Mystical Dragon thanks you for reading and invites you to take a solitary walk in nature while observing with the eye of a newborn the perfection that surrounds us. We guarantee that only joy can come out of such a simple experience.