An Efficient Way to Gain Wisdom

When we are looking for spiritual wisdom we must take into consideration that wisdom always comes from experience. Acquiring a depth of character is inevitably linked to loss of innocence and experiential acknowledgement of death and suffering.

Most spiritual philosophies, at least the major ones that have maintained themselves against the adversity of time, are all based on the truth that "life is suffering". The positive outcome of this communal suffering is the development of the sense of compassion which primarily means to acknowledge that everyone has their own suffering and, even if you can't emphasize on their suffering, to them it is as real as yours to you. Another positive outcome is a stronger sense of empathy. When you really start to know and understand yourself, you will start to understand the others and that will lead you to a more profound self-understanding.

As we are living intense karmic times, when we are connecting to aspects of ourselves that we have been ignoring for quite a long while, if not since forever, we are inevitably reaching deeper states of consciousness which might have major effects on our development as human beings in society. During such times, the tendency towards isolation is very powerful and loneliness is indeed one of the most necessary states, but let us not take it to the extremeness of complete isolation. Let us not become afraid of the others simply because they do not understand or care at all about our suffering. Let us be inspired by the discoveries of the tuff truths which purify our nature and help us develop more subtle sense of spiritual nobility. Courage is manifested in various forms, many of which are not mainstream, and are rarely part of our education. Courage means to look for guidance and help from those who have dedicated their lives to develop their extra-sensorial gifts in order to help humanity reach into the hidden truths of our being. Let yourself be inspiring by acknowledging the parts of yourself, which need work and attention.

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