Dear Friends

As all the stars and planets are rolling in interesting movements above our heads, we are more and more aware of a high potential energy shift, inviting us to reflect on what may be a needed outcome in the immediate future. When we think about upgrading ourselves, about stepping into a new era of being, we cannot avoid how the linearity of time influences our perception of reality. While we look into the future with the wondrous eyes of a curious child, we comprehend that our past is the one guiding our present actions and reactions. Yet, our feet are on the ground, our bodies move through terrestrial space and we must not forget that we are now here. If our curiosity towards future is sparkled by a genuine desire to change our perspective as radical as possible, we must understand that letting go of past burning questions is one way to allow for a new view to capture our irises.

When a new circle of life begins, it begins with a question. A big question, a question to which the answer is not found anywhere we look. Isn't it logical, that in order to find that answer we must see what we are not seeing and allow for a new understanding that we cannot grasp with the glasses we are currently wearing or the filters that were added by our past experiences?

Therefore, dear friends, we invite you to look deep within yourself and find that burning question which shall help your soul shift you into a new way, where you have never been before, yet where you are most probably have been expected.

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