How Every Day Can Be an Entire Life

Some believe that reality changes every time we blink, all the elements might seem the same, but much has changed. The truth is, every day we wake up, life is different. Our moods are different, each day comes with its specific tasks. Even if we are swapped into a long-lasting routine, some elements change all the time.

One day we wake up and we are thankful for being able to be alive, on others we wake up and there is no drive, there is no willingness to take on those tasks which we choose and have to perform. No matter how complicated life is, no matter if we must do or we can choose to just be lazy in bed all day, our mood is not allowing us to be thankful for anything really.

A new day- new experiences

The key point is that every day is indeed crucially different and unique. During the night our soul might travel and discover new depths of our being, we might journey to other dimensions and come back with new information which influences our ways of life and our perception of immediate reality. Some days we just have to allow the draining feelings to occur without stopping their flow because in this particular day we might be processing pieces of information which are trespassing from our subconscious into our consciousness. We must allow life to expand without blaming ourselves sometimes for disliking each and every aspect of it. It's all normal, we all live through such days. Remember, all is temporary and sometimes we cannot know what is happening in the depths of our being, we can nevertheless know that all follow the main purpose: to give us what we truly need.

By practicing the state of compassion, service, and mindfulness we'll be able to perform even the mundane activities more spiritually aligned. Travel to far-off lands for some guidance, or experience your daily life with a bit more wisdom, essential is to experience the awareness of the present moment that can help us feel more connected to other beings and to a greater consciousness.

Mystical Dragon thanks you for reading!