Messages from the Supreme Star Council

Hello all Galactic Travelers in this Universe we call home.

I am Sharon, one of the spokespersons for the SUPREME STAR COUNCIL. They have been instrumental in our planetary evolution through eons of time and are the initiators and ambassadors for the many Star systems in our Universe and represent 12 separate Star systems. Those of us who are Star Seeds are carrying out missions of transforming Spiritual energies on this planet we inhabit. The Council offers, and will offer messages from time to time. They are excited to offer words of encouragement to all bringing about evolutionary changes to humankind through your spiritual consciousness.

The Message

"We are speaking to you on a higher vibrational level. We have been assisting all of you to become the "seeds" of light and love needed on your lovely planet and that extends out into the Universe. The forces of dark and light are colliding, as do atoms, pushing against each other and bombarding those particles to become illuminating spheres of electrical spiritual energies encompassing all of you and pushing you forward in your spiritual evolution. You each have made great strides and have had a significant shift aligning yourselves with the higher vibrations of this Universe and we are excited to have been able to assist with these shifts. As time progresses, more and more information will be available to each of you as you align yourselves and reach into those vibrations. You will feel it, respond to it and become it. We have adapted ourselves to sometimes become one with each of your seekers and be a part of your transformation. There is much joy and peace in this beautiful Universe and people are responding to that vibration furthering happiness for all of you.


Sharon is a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Reader and Channels Spirit. She can be reached for readings at the Mystical Dragon, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.

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