Mind the Gap Between Generations

On our way to spiritual evolution, we feel inclined to seclude ourselves from the family which always triggers our deepest emotional wounds in order to find the necessary peace to live our own ways. No matter how far we run, the roots have a specific way of calling us back for re-connection. A complete cut off is an extreme which we should keep in mind as a last resort, not as a first step of action.

How Not to Get Stuck in the Gap Between Two Generations

It is not easy to detach from our parental supervision and influence when we have deeply established principles based on the respect towards the elders. We respect them and cherish their opinions and act upon this respect, but they cannot see it as being what it is because the ways in which it manifests are invisible to them.

The ways of new generations are hard to penetrate by a mind nurtured according to completely different rules of reality.

In many cases, respecting their opinions manifests itself in ways which they understand to be dramatically different from their expectations. In most cases, it's not that the new generation doesn't take on the advice and the wheel of the older one, but the way it shapes its actions is very different from how the older eyes saw it happening. The new generation is blamed for doing things its own ways, though the lessons of older generations are heard and taken into account.

Therefore, we are rather detaching not from our parents but from their ways of seeing reality. If we choose to see it in their ways we are blocked in a past with no escape and we remain in the game of perpetual blame. So what do we do to not cut off the roots, yet to not be blocked in the past?

It is important to understand the difference between disagreeing with our parents' existence, blaming them as humans for being wrong and disagreeing with their ways of doing things. There is a great difference between saying 'You are wrong' and 'From my point of view, the way you do or see this is wrong'.

When we accuse someone of being wrong, we accuse them as being fundamentally wrong as humans. The way we communicate creates or burns bridges. If we wish to achieve wholeness in this life, which is the primordial goal of spiritual evolution, we must take into account that connection with roots supplies us with great energy. But if we cut off our roots, we might never be able to fully develop. Let us have more patience and speak the language of the now-ness with those who are simply afraid of being or already are overwhelmed by the newness of the now. Let us be kind teachers and welcoming bridge-builders.

Mystical Dragon thanks you for reading.