New Spiritual Priorities

After such intense times as the last months invited us to go through, we find ourselves feeling that something new is coming our way. The autumn prepares us for more planning, more work and more dedication.

Our souls have learned a lot about the limitations they have by being in the bodies we walk in, with the minds which shaped themselves through various life experiences. This is definitely a good time to reflect on what the greater movements are telling us, the stars, the planets, our guardian angels and our higher spirits.

How to spiritually enhance our focus

Finding safety within ourselves by acknowledging that we are stronger than we knew, have been our priorities for the last months. With each action, we can learn to let go of more of what holds us from being aware of how everything is linked together. How powerful is a past connection, how important it is to allow space for separation and new beginnings and how to develop our capacity to put into words our emotions are becoming new spiritual points of focus? Meditation and dedication go hand in hand to help us achieve a higher peace and a deeper appreciation, therefore serve as great tools in maintaining focus.

We could all have the ability to perceive information through extrasensory perception and to gain profound spiritual knowledge. Our psychic readers can perceive the subtle, supernatural world with all its entities (angels, fairies, higher spirits) and energies. They have a profound understanding about the energies and laws of the whole physical and subtle Universe and they wish to share all that spiritual knowledge with others.

Mystical Dragon thanks you for reading.

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