Steps of Transformation

How to positively pass through the intense process of transformation

Transforming the way we perceive reality, as many spiritual and metaphysical sources have been emphasizing on over the past centuries, can sometimes mean that even our physical appearance - hair, skin, pigmentation, way of walking and speaking - can change. When we essentially transform, our fundamental truth changes and so we begin to speak out what previously felt to be bothering or even scary for others. Until this point, we chose to enter the big reality, to compromise our own truths, even ignore them, in order to be accepted, liked, or simply to look cool. When transformation becomes inevitable, the care of how others see us lessens and becomes the care of how can we all evolve together in order to not have to perpetually compromise ourselves. The quality of life changes and with it, the quality of people we choose to share our life journey with. This may mean that we call less people friends, but those that we do call friends help us through this difficult process rather than impediment it by asking us to be what they can accept. We are allowed to be as we are and that is an immense feeling which can never be forgotten.

If you feel that you are transforming beyond your previous imagination, know that you are not alone in this process and that there are many others who have gone through the same steps, differently, but nevertheless managed to navigate their selves to the shores of a brighter life and a fruitful work towards making this planet a place we would always choose to come back to.

Mystical Dragon thanks you for reading and for accepting transformation with open arms and minds!

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