"We strive to always help our clients in finding the perfect gift or item they want and find the answers they need"
  • Spiritual Counselor

  • Human Design Specialist

  • Animal Medicine Cards

  • Crystal Cards

   Julie is a spiritual counselor who seeks to inspire individuals, couples and families on their journey toward deeper self-discovery and resilience. Julie Specializes in the Human Design and the Gene Keys systems, empowering people to become masters of their own hearts, emotions, bodies and souls. She does Animal Medicine and Crystal Readings. Her approach is light hearted practical and impactful. Julie holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Colorado. A life-long student of the Tao and mystical sciences, Julie has studied the life and reading of Edgar Cayce, had Past Life Regression training with Brian Weiss, and learned much from spiritual scientist Gregg Braden. She is well versed in Animal Medicine, the Kabbalah and is also a Reiki Master.