Buddha Rose Quartz Wand

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This beautiful wand was created with the intention to assist on the path of true love discovery. Rose Quartz soothes the heart while stimulating fertile creative thinking and thus encouraging to step outside the norms and usual understandings. Garnet protects from destructive negativity, Carnelian releases from doubt, Citrine promotes peace and acceptance, Peridot amplifies intuitive awareness, Topaz is a great protective stone while releasing anger and fear, Iolite assures accurateness of insights while Amethyst raises thoughts and aspirations to their highest potential. This wand is a true gift of love.

  • Weight: 19.1 g
  • Material: Garnet, Carnelian, Citrine, Peridot, Topaz, Iolite, Amethyst
  • Color: light pink
  • Uses: gift, personal use

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