Ganesha Wand - Labradorite & Rose Quartz

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This healing wand was created with the intention to attune to the vibrations of Ganesha and thus aiding with faster and extremely intense inner transformations. Rose Quartz helps to reach a deep state of self-love which allows for changes to occur without exterior blame, without expectations and disillusionment. It allows to see the suffering of all through compassion and activates a higher degree of empathy. The Ganesha is sculpted from Labradorite which assists with negative thoughts that arise from the fear of the unknown and connects thoughts with intuition while Aventurine is said to enhance joyfulness and sense of humor. This wand is a great spiritual tool when in need of strength which comes from the joy of perpetual learning.

  • Weight: 19.9 g
  • Material: Aventurin, Rose Quartz
  • Color: green, pink
  • Uses: gift, personal use

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