Hello again all Galactic Travelers in this Universe we call home.

I am Sharon, one of the spokespersons for the SUPREME STAR COUNCIL.  They have been instrumental in our planetary evolution through eons of time and are the initiators and ambassadors for the many Star systems in our Universe and represent 12 separate Star systems.  Those of us who are Star Seeds, are carrying out missions transforming Spiritual energies on this planet we now inhabit.  The Council is, and will offer messages from time to time.  They are excited to offer words of encouragement to all of you bringing about evolutionary changes to humankind through your spiritual consciousness.

“We, of the Star Council, have and are monitoring the vicissitudes of life confronting each and everyone of you promoting a sense of unbalance and for many others fear.  This newly found strange and omnipotent escalation with wars being fought against this new unknown substance which has caused so many to evaluate their lives and re-figure a new and somewhat exciting change that has come about on your planet so you all can step back and re-evaluate your lives.  This has been a necessary part of your evolution to impart lessons learned through eons of time as lives are turned upside down and people were forced to make these changes in their lives then.  It has brought about significant lessons learned and we are profoundly, as a species , congratulating the efforts made to make these changes. Your planet needed of clearing and it has come about quickly without regard to who it affected.  You all have given Earth a time of rest, so to speak, as She now can more forward more healthy than before as are you who inhabit Her.  This is profound and healing is taking place in every aspect of your lives and changes have begun.”


(Sharon is a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient reader and channels Spirit.  She can be reached for readings at the Mystical Dragon, Mon, Tues, and Thurs.  Call for an appointment  760-720-1986

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