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Our psychic readings are $30 for 15 minutes, $50 for 30 minutes, $70 for 45 minutes, $90 for 60 minutes. In-person or over the phone readings are available.

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Rev. Beverly grew up with a Grandmother who studied and lived spiritualism throughout her life. Since Beverly was a child of six, she heard and felt spirit. As an adult she has attended a variety of certified spiritual and metaphysical classes. During the last twenty five years she has worked in Psychic Fairs in Harmony Grove Assoc. and done private consultation as a bilingual spiritual counselor/reader, clairvoyant, clairaudient and trance medium. Rev. Beverly was ordained by Rev. Dorothy Graves of the Independent Spiritualist Assoc

La Reverenda Beverly fue criada en un ambiente spiritual. Crecio con una abuela que vivio y studio el espiritualismo toda su vida. Beverly ha sentido y escuchado a el espiritu desde que tenia seis anos. Siendo adulta ella ha tomado una variedad de clases espirituales y metafisicas certificadas. Como resultado, durante los ultimos veinte cinco anos ha trabajado en Ferias Psychicas y en consultaciones privadas como concejera espiritual, clarividente, clariaudiente y medium de trance bilingue. La Reverenda Beverly recibio su ordenacion de la Rev. Dorothy Graves de la Independent Spiritualist Assoc.

Available on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at the Mystical Dragon I. Call 760-720-1986 for your appointment


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Hilary R.

My husband left me 3 weeks ago. I was desperate, crying all the time. My neighbor told me about Reverend Beverly. She said that Beverly has over twenty years of experience in helping people. I was skeptical but I need any help these days so I went to visit her. Everything she said there about me and my marriage was true. I felt calm and peaceful during that meeting, for the first time in 3 weeks. She gave me advice for the next period of my life. The night after my visit I slept like a baby, for the first time since my husband left. Thank you. 

Marjorie Q.

My mom got sick a few months ago. I am facing a difficult period. I have been going to Reverend Beverly for a few years. She helped me every time. This time she helped me find my peace of mind and to accept things I can't change. Also gave me advice on how to help my mom. 

Sarah R.

I went to visit Reverend Beverly with a good friend who knows her for years. I had some questions about my relationship with my alcoholic brother. I love him so much but its hard to see him ruin his life. The first thing I felt at my meeting with Reverend Beverly was a state of calm and peace. It made me feel so good and relaxed. She told me many things, gave me advice. I hope things will get better with my brother.

Mary O.

It's the same every time! So much positive energy! I can feel that for days after a meeting with Reverend Beverly. Thank you so much.

Helen M.

I told her so little about me, but she described my situation so precisely. The moment she started the reading I felt that I was at the right place. It was helpful. Thank you.