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Our psychic readings are $30 for 15 minutes, $50 for 30 minutes, $70 for 45 minutes, $90 for 60 minutes. In-person or over the phone readings are available.

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Judith Innate's gifts come from a history of family intuitives. She combines her early upbringing in a Christian foundation and further studies in metaphysics to round out her unique style. She was first attracted to the cards in the 70's. As we all have more questions than answers in our lives at different times, she delved into various card decks to find deeper meaning and develop her own style of intuitive insight and spreads to enhance the seekers experience. She loves the way the cards come alive, like a motion picture or T.V. series, where the out come may have us on the edge of our seat or just cruising along as we know it will be all right in the end! Tarot cards give introspection to assist in evaluating possible outcomes. The future remains fluid but with the help of a reading where it comes alive for the seeker to see in front of them, the hope is for the seeker to leave the reading empowered to make a decision for their best and highest good! Life is a wondrous thing, might as well get in there and experience it fully, mindfully.


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We strive to always help our clients in finding the perfect gift or item they want and find the answers they need


Andy K.

I always loved angels, so when I found out about the angel card reading I thought this is something I should definitely try. So I made an appointment with Judy. She is a really nice woman, with pure angelic energy. She is so kind and joyful. The angel card reading was great, I received some very important answers to my questions. Thank you. I will meditate more often with the angels from now on. 

Ashley H.

I felt mutual sympathy with Judy from the first minutes. Her loving, kind energy made me feel safe and peaceful. I asked for the Tarot reading service. I was ill for the last few months and I wanted to know what changes do I need to make in my life, what should I transform in myself to get better. She gave me some precious guidelines for the next period. I also felt so good after the meeting, more confident and optimistic.


I was very skeptical but Judy’s insight has provided me with the clarity to take action and get results faster than I could on my own.


Judy is awesome! I was a little scared and I didn't know what to expect, especially 'cause it was over the phone the reading, but she was great. She is a true healer! I recommend her. 


Judy has a very calming presence to her. 15 minutes on the phone and you get know one amazing person. What she highlighted is deeper than I could assume and so I am definitely going back for help. Thank you for being so kind to me.


Judy is an incredibly powerful healer and has helped me grow in ways I never thought I'd be open to.  Her direct approach is sometimes difficult to go through but healing starts by acknowledging the wounds. Her intuition is spot on. Immediately she was able to hone in on the specific issues that I was struggling with. Thank you so much for helping me make these steps faster than I would've on my own.