Dr. Kristina

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  • Feng Shui Master
  • Handwriting Analysis Psychic
  • Tarot Cards & Palmistry
  • Numerology & Tea Leaf
  • Past Life Reading

Our psychic readings are $30 for 15 minutes, $50 for 30 minutes, $70 for 45 minutes, $90 for 60 minutes. In-person or over the phone readings are available.

Call 760.720.1986

Kristina was born into a psychic family; her Grandmother was a well known gifted medium from Finland and her uncle is a Taoist priest famous for his healing. She has worked as an intuitive counselor for 25 years and can help you on your path by providing practical advice with a loving heart.

Kristina's years of Eastern and Western Feng Shui, Handwriting Analysis, Psychic Tarot, Palmistry, and Tea Leaf Readings advance her goal of bringing together Metaphysical Arts and Science to a common sense understanding.

Make an appointment with Kristina on Sunday, Tuesday, or Thursday at the Mystical Dragon (760) 720-1986.


  • Feng Shui Master
  • Handwriting Analysis Psychic
  • Tarot Cards
  • Palmistry
  • Numerology
  • Past Life
  • Tea Leaf Readings

We strive to always help our clients in finding the perfect gift or item they want and find the answers they need


Taylor S.

I wanted to redecorate my house and my sister told me that I should ask for a feng shui master s help. At that time I did not even know what that is. She scheduled a meeting with Kristina and we went together to meet her. I was pleasantly surprised how knowledgeable she is. She helped me understand the importance of a correctly arranged home. She is also a very nice person. We spent such a good time at that meeting. I will take all her advice, looking forward to starting to redecorate my home.

Rosemary G.

I've heard about feng shui, even read some article about that but never had an actual consultation with a feng shui master. I went to Mystical Dragon for a psychic reading with another reader when I heard about Kristina. I scheduled a meeting with her and asked her advice to rearrange my office. I followed all her advice and my office looks so nice now. I also feel so much positive energy when I'm at work. Also, my colleagues like to come by and take a coffee break there with me. One of them just told me the other day that she does not really know why but she likes to be in my office. Thank you Kristina.


Rosalie V.

I met Kristina before for other services like numerology, this time I wanted to experience the Past Life service. Wow, it was interesting, I am still processing all the information she gave me!

Mary G.

I'm moving in with my boyfriend and I've found a really nice apartment. I knew about feng shui and convinced my boyfriend to schedule a meeting with Kristina. She asked a lot of questions about us, about our relationship, about our goals and dreams and made a project for our home. I'm so excited! I look forward to starting to decorate our new home. I also liked and appreciated, that she is very practical.

Judith Y.

I tried the Tarot Card service with Kristina. She gave me great answers. I also like that she was attentive, friendly and very professional. 

Rachel F.

One of my daughters went to college so the youngest one now has a room only for herself. She asked me to allow her to re-decorate the room. We had an appointment with Kristina. It was my daughter's idea. She read some articles on the internet about feng shui. I was quite skeptical at the beginning, I thought that's only some kind of superstition. The meeting was good, I liked Kristina she was attentive and professional. Probably this was a small project for her but she did a good job. I'm thinking to ask her advice about the other rooms in my house too. 

Lidia G.

I had handwriting analysis with Kristina. I tried other psychic services before but not this one. I was just curious this time. It really surprised me how much information you can find out about someone just from the handwriting. It was an interesting experience. Kristina is a professional.