• Psychic Reader

  • Spiritual Counselor

  • Tarot & Aura Reading

This awakening lead Sharon to become a spokesperson for the Supreme Star Council, who have been the initiators and ambassadors for the many star systems in our universe.


They have been instrumental in our planetary evolution for eons of time. By holding sacred space, Sharon receives messages, symbols, feelings and insights from the Council that help her clients access their deeper wisdom and advance conscious living. Sharon also assists both Star seeds and Wanderers on this planet who wish to align their mind, heart and spirit to the Cosmic Intelligence.

Sharon has been serving the spiritual community as a Mystic for the last 20 years. She received her initial metaphysical training from renowned spiritual teacher, Carole Young. From there she expanded her spiritual awareness to the stars, seeking higher consciousness and connection to the Universal Intelligence and Divine. Through this shift, she tapped into her highest truth, not only as a Mystic, but as a Starseed.