Spiritual ceremonies

Spiritual ceremonies and rituals existed as long as humankind existed. From the ancient times, spiritual ceremonies had an important role in all cultures and societies. Every society, religion has its own traditional spiritual ceremonies. In some cultures, ceremonies also play an important social role, for example in Asia the Japanese or Chinese tea ceremony.

A spiritual ceremony is a traditional and spiritual set of acts performed at a formal religious or public occasion celebrating a particular event, achievement, or anniversary with specific rules, symbolism and traditional components (dance, procession, incantations, offerings).

There are different kind of rituals some of them can mark a rite of passage in human life, annual or seasonal events, other spiritual ceremonies may mark non-regular important events like a coronation of a monarch, victory in a battle, end of an epidemic etc.

Spiritual ceremony categories

Spiritual ceremonies which mark a rite of passage in human life:  birth, baptism, communion, puberty (young girl’s menarche ceremony), Bar Mitzvah, union (marriage), death, burial (funeral).

Annual or seasonal spiritual ceremonies: astrological (Equinox, Solstice, New Year) social or spiritual (Christmas, Easter, Sabbath). There are also healing, purification spiritual ceremonies in many cultures all over the Earth.

There is also the category of purifying, healing ceremonies which can have as effect physical, spiritual purification and healing of your being by connecting you with high, pure universal energies.

Spiritual ceremonies with Mystical Dragon readers

Here the Mystical Dragon we can organize different types of spiritual ceremonies.

If you want to mark a special event in your life or you need an energetic, subtle purification of your being or your surroundings (a new house for example) call our psychic readers for an appointment.

These ceremonies can be a powerful medicine for the soul. Experience one of our ceremonies and allow us to connect with your Higher Self and spirit guides to help you reclaim your power and heal your heart. Through the ancient spiritual ceremonies, we are able to receive precious insight, guidance, healing, and protection.

The spiritual ceremonies at Mystical Dragon help to restore your inner peace, let go of unhealthy attachments and open your heart to love and acceptance. A spiritual ceremony is a great way to receive spiritual guidance and healing energy to support your personal growth, spiritual development and to live a harmoniously balanced life.

Here is a brief list of the ceremonies we offer at Mystical Dragon. We celebrate memorable ceremonies that are both a reflection of the people involved and their connection with the natural world.

  • Building & Land Blessings
  • Handfasting & Wedding Ceremonies
  • Naming & Welcoming Ceremonies
  • Rite of Passage & Separation Ceremonies
  • Time of Year & Special Event Ceremonies
  • Celtic Blessings

Call for an appointment with any of our psychic readers to have a preliminary discussion to determine the type of the spiritual ceremony you need and to establish all the necessary details.

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