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Mystical Dragon is a spiritual gift shop and a new age book store which offers original art from local artists, crystals, candles, jewelry, and psychic readings for all the important moments during your life journey. In-house and telephone readings are available everyday. We also offer classes regularly on chakras, psychic development, and spirituality. Be sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram!


Reviews & Testimonials

What others say about us:

These small angels are so beautiful, I received them last Christmas from my father, and now I bought them as a present for my 8 years old niece. I hope she will like them as much as I do like mine.

Chris R.


A psychic reader told me once that my solar plexus needs to be harmonized and citrine crystal it’s good for that. I have small citrine crystals at home. This crystal is so beautiful and it seems so pure to me, I will keep it near my bed. This is now the queen of my citrine collection.

Gina K.


I don’t know much about Tara. This statue fascinated me by its beauty and grace. I was told that Tara is the Goddess of compassion and divine grace. I’m so glad that I bought the statue.

Sarah J.


My family is from India and they are worshipers of Ganesha. I was looking for a gift for my mother's birthday when I saw this statue I knew that this is the perfect gift for my mom. I like it too, it makes me smile.

Charlie H.


I'm a regular client in this shop. I like to buy gifts for my friends. Sometimes I just drop by on my way home, to feel its magical atmosphere and each time I buy something, usually, crystal incenses. Their magical oriental perfume brings a special atmosphere in my home.

Laura F.


I tasted this tea first time when I was visiting my grandmother, I liked it a lot and I came back here to buy one for myself. Every time I visit her, we share some quiet peaceful moments, drinking the tea and chatting. It is like our special ritual.

Fanny D.


I wanted a tea for a better digestion and this was recommended to me. I started to drink this tea 3 months ago and it's really good for my digestion and it's delicious.

Kirsten R.


I adore these earrings. They are so beautiful and refined and somehow still discreet, they make me feel more feminine every time I'm wearing them.

Grace L.


My sister just gave birth to a baby. It is a beautiful girl, they call her Grace. This beautiful heart spiral remembered me of little Grace and I bought these for her as a birthday present.

Penny S.


I tasted some of the tea from this shop and I liked them all. Last week I celebrated my birthday, and this was one of my birthday presents from my husband. It was a nice surprise. The tea boxes are also beautifully designed they bring so much color to my kitchen.

Heather J.


I like candles, I have a few in my bedroom and my living room. I like the blue color of this candle it reminds me of the summer I spent 2 years ago in Greece. The colors, the feelings, the memories, every time I see this candle I remember my Greek summer with all its amazing adventures.

Jay T.


These two sculptures are beautiful and refined. I have them in my office and it brings calm and peaceful energies in the whole room. I like to have them near me ...when I'm stressed they help me to calm down and relax jut looking at them. It's like a short meditation, relaxing while contemplating them.

Greg H.


I bought this amazing statue for my yoga teacher. Now we have them in our yoga room, I like the serenity which emanates from it. Two girls from the yoga class like the statue so much that each of them bought a Medicine Buddha for their home.

Emma D.


My wife likes the Dreamcatcher candle set. They look so nice and bring a romantic warm atmoshpere in our living room. I bought the Dreamcatcher Love candle for our anniversary. We also like that they burn for quite a long time.

Phil S.



This is my third time coming to Alara and she really helps me get in touch with my feelings. I used her as a life coach this time and she gave me so much intuitive advice. I was feeling hopeless and now I feel so much better. I recommend her.


Rosa D.



Finding Alara was a happy accident that came into my life at the perfect time. I truly believe that I was meant to find her. She has healed me on so many levels, physically, spiritually and emotionally as well. Her vision, insight and compassion comfort you and put you at ease. I am proud to have her in my life.





Alara is truly amazing! Her reading is astonishingly accurate and I have left her office with an incredible knowledge that has empowered me to move forward. My life has definitely changed for the better since I met her and I know that I am on the right path. I am working on what I need to do. Thank you Alara for all your help.





Few weeks ago I had my first reading with Alara, it was absolutely incredible. I was extremely nervous about it and wondered if it would be me giving her more information than her telling me. That was totally not what I experienced, she told me everything that I was going through in detail. I was amazed! Things that she told me about what was going to happen actually did. I have recommended her to others and I am ready to see her again!


Joyce R.



Thank you, Alara. It was what I need. I was smiling and felt warmth when reading it. I was overjoyed with what you told me and your guidance. You are truly amazing and I love the way you do your reading. 


Mary B.



Alara is awesome and accurate! I absolutely enjoyed having my reading with her and without me telling her knew details about the person in question. Will be in contact, thanks much Alara! 





I am very grateful for Alara's gift and even more appreciative of her delivery of the information. The insights she provided are definitely what I need to move forward. I will definitely contact her again, and would encourage others to contact her too.





My husband left me 3 weeks ago. I was desperate, crying all the time. My neighbor told me about Reverend Beverly. She said that Beverly has over twenty years of experience in helping people. I was skeptical but I need any help these days so I went to visit her. Everything she said there about me and my marriage was true. I felt calm and peaceful during that meeting, for the first time in 3 weeks. She gave me advice for the next period of my life. The night after my visit I slept like a baby, for the first time since my husband left. Thank you. 


Hilary R.



My mom got sick a few months ago. I am facing a difficult period. I have been going to Reverend Beverly for a few years. She helped me every time. This time she helped me find my peace of mind and to accept things I can't change. Also gave me advice on how to help my mom. 


Marjorie Q.


I went to visit Reverend Beverly with a good friend who knows her for years. I had some questions about my relationship with my alcoholic brother. I love him so much but its hard to see him ruin his life. The first thing I felt at my meeting with Reverend Beverly was a state of calm and peace. It made me feel so good and relaxed. She told me many things, gave me advice. I hope things will get better with my brother.

Sarah R.



It's the same every time! So much positive energy! I can feel that for days after a meeting with Reverend Beverly. Thank you so much.


Mary O.



I told her so little about me, but she described my situation so precisely. The moment she started the reading I felt that I was at the right place. It was helpful. Thank you. 


Helen M.



She was so friendly and warm from the first minute we met. Such a nice person with positive energy!


Joan L.



I read a book about chakra clearing but I never actually tried it before. I found the Mystical Dragon site on the internet and I started to think that maybe it's time to experience it so I could get the whole picture. Claire is amazing. She explained me all about chakras and energy. I felt so good during the whole process. I could relax so profoundly like never before. She told me that I would feel the effects for some time. I hope it will last long. I'm grateful. It was a good decision to come here.


Hailey C.



I met Claire a few months ago when I was experiencing anxiety. I had a new job and I was facing a quite stressful period. One of my new co-workers told me about her, she tried the chakra cleaning service and helped her a lot. When we first met Claire suggested that Chakra Balancing would be the better option in my situation. It really helped me to be more relaxed at work, more open and confident.


Jill K.



I visit Claire every month for Chakra Balancing and cleaning. I like it and I like her as a person.


Fiona C.


I wanted to redecorate my house and my sister told me that I should ask for a feng shui master s help. At that time I did not even know what that is. She scheduled a meeting with Kristina and we went together to meet her. I was pleasantly surprised how knowledgeable she is. She helped me understand the importance of a correctly arranged home. She is also a very nice person. We spent such a good time at that meeting. I will take all her advice, looking forward to starting to redecorate my home.

Taylor S.


I've heard about feng shui, even read some article about that but never had an actual consultation with a feng shui master. I went to Mystical Dragon for a psychic reading with another reader when I heard about Kristina. I scheduled a meeting with her and asked her advice to rearrange my office. I followed all her advice and my office looks so nice now. I also feel so much positive energy when I'm at work. Also, my colleagues like to come by and take a coffee break there with me. One of them just told me the other day that she does not really know why but she likes to be in my office. Thank you Kristina.



Rosemary G.



I met Kristina before for other services like numerology, this time I wanted to experience the Past Life service. Wow, it was interesting, I am still processing all the information she gave me!


Rosalie V.



I'm moving in with my boyfriend and I've found a really nice apartment. I knew about feng shui and convinced my boyfriend to schedule a meeting with Kristina. She asked a lot of questions about us, about our relationship, about our goals and dreams and made a project for our home. I'm so excited! I look forward to starting to decorate our new home. I also liked and appreciated, that she is very practical.


Mary G.



I tried the Tarot Card service with Kristina. She gave me great answers. I also like that she was attentive, friendly and very professional. 


Judith Y.



One of my daughters went to college so the youngest one now has a room only for herself. She asked me to allow her to re-decorate the room. We had an appointment with Kristina. It was my daughter's idea. She read some articles on the internet about feng shui. I was quite skeptical at the beginning, I thought that's only some kind of superstition. The meeting was good, I liked Kristina she was attentive and professional. Probably this was a small project for her but she did a good job. I'm thinking to ask her advice about the other rooms in my house too. 


Rachel F.



I had handwriting analysis with Kristina. I tried other psychic services before but not this one. I was just curious this time. It really surprised me how much information you can find out about someone just from the handwriting. It was an interesting experience. Kristina is a professional.


Lidia G.



I always loved angels, so when I found out about the angel card reading I thought this is something I should definitely try. So I made an appointment with Jacylnn. She is a really nice woman, with pure angelic energy. She is so kind and joyful. The angel card reading was great, I received some very important answers to my questions. Thank you. I will meditate more often with the angels from now on. 


Andy K.



I felt mutual sympathy with Jacylnn from the first minutes. Her loving, kind energy made me feel safe and peaceful. I asked for the Tarot reading service. I was ill for the last few months and I wanted to know what changes do I need to make in my life, what should I transform in myself to get better. She gave me some precious guidelines for the next period. I also felt so good after the meeting, more confident and optimistic.


Ashley H.



I was very skeptical but Jacylnn's insight has provided me with the clarity to take action and get results faster than I could on my own.





Jacylnn is awesome! I was a little scared and I didn't know what to expect, especially 'cause it was over the phone the reading, but she was great. She is a true healer! I recommend her. 





Jacylnn has a very calming presence to her. 15 minutes on the phone and you get know one amazing person. What she highlighted is deeper than I could assume and so I am definitely going back for help. Thank you for being so kind to me.





Jacylnn is an incredibly powerful healer and has helped me grow in ways I never thought I'd be open to.  Her direct approach is sometimes difficult to go through but healing starts by acknowledging the wounds. Her intuition is spot on. Immediately she was able to hone in on the specific issues that I was struggling with. Thank you so much for helping me make these steps faster than I would've on my own.





I was stunned by Sharon’s ability to read into deep-seated issues that have kept me blocked in significant areas of my life. I was very skeptical but her insight has provided me with the clarity to take action and get results faster than I could on my own. 





Someone recommended Sharon knowing that I need help. She could detect the blockages I am struggling with and helped me dig deeper into their roots, something I was unable to do before. Thank you for the clarity.


Sean D.



I've never had any sort of reading done before so didn't know what to expect. I saw Sharon and it was amazing! I didn't go in expecting anything, I was just curious. She came out with these things about my life at random points no one would ever know, even things that maybe I hadn't thought about before that totally made sense! I walked away feeling really amazing for the rest of the day :)


Ginger P.



Sharon is incredible! My session felt like a combination of conventional therapy, life coaching, and energy healing, and I truly felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders afterward. We've addressed my fears and issues with perfectionism and self-acceptance in a very direct and powerful way. Please, give Sharon a try; you'll be amazed by the healing she will jumpstart for you.


Tanika S.



I just got off the phone with Sharon, and feel so much better. She really loves helping people out. She's helped me be more calm about a situation and was so point. If you want a reading you gotta call her.


Christine G.



Sharon was fantastic! Great reading. She was very professional and patient. She took the time to understand my situation and was open and honest. It was amazingly opening and refreshing.


Jill K.


This was my first reading of this kind. I wasn't sure what to expect. Sandi was spot on! Her answers were not vague whatsoever. She has a real gift! I feel I have much more guidance in my life.






I absolutely adored my session with Sandi, she is all heart and so intuitive. She makes you feel safe and supported which is lovely in a reading. I highly recommend her if you have a burning question and want clarity on things in your life. Thanks so much Sandi I'll be booking another session with you.


Phyllis M.



The amount of stress that has been released after my session was amazing, Sandi really hit the nail on the head with just about everything I was concerned over, without me even having to mention any of it. Though I will not be having weekly readings and guidance, Sandi will definitely be a future resource to turn to when I feel uncertain in life: whether or not I'm going in the right direction.


Ella J.



My astrology reading was very positive and uplifting. Sandi definitely has a gift and she told me things that only I would have known about myself. After the reading, I felt really reassured. She is very friendly and welcoming. It feels like you're talking to a friend. I will definitely be back! 


Kate R.



I feel like Sandi understood me in a way I'll never be able to express myself to someone. I am honestly happy that I decided to get a reading. I felt enlightened when leaving, she released so much emotion in me it felt amazing. I will never forget this experience, and I will be back. 


Laura H.



Leeann is fantastic and has been able to accurately describe my situations and people in question accurately. I really enjoy her readings, personality and how great it is to talk to her. Overall she's been very honest and on target, I highly recommend her.


Pamela T.



Thank you so much Leeann! It was wonderful to talk to you and have clarity on my current love situation. You were accurate, very helpful and honest in answering my questions. I was shocked when you knew about an upcoming event happening really soon. You are wonderful. Thanks so much again!


Christina D.



Leeann's intuitive approach was great. I have recently lost my psychic, with whom I had a really strong connection and I was looking for someone who can replace her, which wasn’t an easy task. Leeann was an amazing find. She made me feel like we already know each other. I am definitely going back to her.


Heather S.



I went because my girlfriend asked me to and Leeann totally helped me understand why am I in the situation I am, what blocks me and even gave practical examples of what could be done in my situation. I have tried and so I have come back to say: they worked. Thank you.





Leeann is an amazing reader. She told me things about me which I never knew were there. Her way of making me feel was really special. I felt a lot of genuine care and calmness, which I feel even when I write this review. Thank you and good luck with your beautiful work. 


Rosalinde H.



I am in love with this amazing reader. Leeann is definitely gifted with higher powers. I always feel so good after seeing her or speaking with her on the phone. She helps me see clearly what I think and feel and helps me face my fears. Great work.


Vicky S.



Shirley is a really good medium. I was surprised by what she told me, even if I knew it, she helped me accept easier. Really enjoyed this. 


Joyce S.



Shirley healed my Max. My dog was in a really bad state, I was beginning to think that nothing will help and then I found out about Shirley and went there with almost no hope, but she turned it all around and now as I write my buddy here is snoring on the couch.


Josie F.



I am trying to learn which kind of cards I like the most so I wanted to try the angel cards and the fairy cards. I tried tarot before. Shirley really knows her cards so now I can’t decide which ones I like more. 


Andrea G.



Wow. I never thought I would write this, but I must make sure everybody knows that this was not a fake, my life turned so beautifully after my first session with Shirley, I feel like a better version of myself and I recommend her to anyone seeking faster ways to achieve the same results. 


Tina K.



I've never had a psychic reading done before so I didn't know what to expect. I went to visit Victoria after my husband passed away. Her kind and warm personality made me feel better while I was with her. The night after my visit was the first one when I finally could sleep without pills since my husband got sick. I am so grateful.


Clara H.



I was quite skeptical, I went to visit Victoria only to make my girlfriend happy. The tarot reading was surprisingly accurate and also interesting.  She told us so many things about our relationship. It was a great experience eventually. I’m thinking to make an appointment for aura reading as well. It made me curious.


Josh M.



I have been diagnosed with a rare disease a few weeks ago. I was so depressed since then. My boss told me about Victoria and made an appointment for me. The meeting with her was good. She was warm, kind and patient with me.  She gave me some advice to help me go through this difficult period. She helped me to understand many things about myself and my life.


Ginger J.



Esoteric teachings caught my attention a few years ago. I read some books about aura and chakras and psychic intuitive reading but never experienced a real psychic reading. I was amazed by Victoria’s wisdom and spiritual maturity. She is also very kind and understanding.





Victoria is gifted with higher powers. She helps me see clearly the events of my life and helps me face my fears. I’m always so peaceful and calm after seeing her.


Norah B.



I’m practicing Yoga and I got curious when I heard about Victoria. One of my friends is a regular client of her. I went for aura reading and I was amazed by the accurate, precise information she offered. She also has such pure positive energies. My meeting with her was really uplifting!


Emma D.