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Mystical Dragon is a spiritual gift shop and a new age book store which offers original art from local artists, crystals, candles, jewelry, and psychic readings for all the important moments during your life journey. In-house and telephone readings are available everyday. We also offer classes regularly on chakras, psychic development, and spirituality. Be sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram!

Bamboo Earrings

  • When looking at these beautifully handcrafted earrings the green soothing color captures our sight while stimulating our pituitary gland. The black ground intensifies the effect while we focus on the shape of the bamboo leaf and with it we attune to a state of admiration for strength found through flexibility. The silver gently wraps this interior image in a thin frame, curving further into the air and through the ear. Wearing these earrings adds a gentle drop of grace to any movement and any pace.

    • In the Japanese culture, Bamboo symbolizes strength of character. It also personifies the life of simplicity. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth, reaching their full length in a single season.
    • Bamboo Small Rectangle Wire Earrings.
    • Genuine Pressed Bamboo Leaf resin-set in bezel pendant earrings. Earwire Style (pair)

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