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Psychics existed as long as humankind. Psychics were valued, respected but also feared and hunted during the history. In ancient times their knowledge was recognized and appreciated, many of them held important positions in the society as high priests, priestesses or as spiritual consultants of the leaders. With the apparition of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism psychics started to lose their position. In the 1800's a new spiritual movement arouse which proudly and loudly promoted psychic activity and also encouraged people to consult psychic readers.



Psychic | Clairentient | Tarot | Intuitive

Jaclynn’s style is spiritual in nature, but with a practical approach to guide you through situations, challenges

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Tarot | Turkish Coffee Readings | Chakra Healing.......

Nina conveys beneficial insight for your journey. She is a Certified Life Coach, Natural Wellness Healer, and Spiritual

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Medium | Clairvoyant | Clairentient | Fairy Cards | Healer........

Shirley is a medium with clairaudient, clairvoyant, and clairsentient abilities. I read intuitive

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Spiritual Counceler I Human Design Specialist | Animal Medicaine Cards | Crystal Cards

Julie is a spiritual counceler who seeks to inspire individuals, couples and...

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Starseed Mystic | Clairvoyant | Clairaudient | Clairentient.......

An awakening lead Sharon to become a spokesperson for the Supreme Star Council, who have been

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Psychic | Clairvoyant | Tarot | Rune Stones

Victoria is a pychic reader and spiritual counselor with over 30 years of professional experience.She uses a combinati....

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