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Mystical Dragon is a spiritual gift shop and a new age book store which offers original art from local artists, crystals, candles, jewelry, and psychic readings for all the important moments during your life journey. In-house and telephone readings are available everyday. We also offer classes regularly on chakras, psychic development, and spirituality. Be sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram!


Grape Vine Cake Top

  • Crafted in beautiful detail, this cake top shows the intertwining of two grape vines, springing from different roots, growing to reach one another while forming a shape of a heart. The grape vine is a symbol of prosperity, of well-lived lives protected by divine forces. The crystal grapes on each side of the heart reflect blue and purple light across the heart. Blue stimulating heartfelt communication, while the purple connects to highest wisdom. This cake top reflects an unbreakable bond created through mutual trust which leads to a prosperous life.

    • On a cake, the base will be covered with frosting or flowers
    • Made by hand
    • Material: lead-free pewter with Austrian crystals
    • Weight: 14.7g