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Mystical Dragon | Numerology Carlsbad, CA 92008

Mystical Dragon is a spiritual gift shop and a new age book store which offers original art from local artists, crystals, candles, jewelry, and psychic readings for all the important moments during your life journey. In-house and telephone readings are available everyday. We also offer classes regularly on chakras, psychic development, and spirituality. Be sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram!


Numerology readings in San Diego County

Numbers are believed to be the highest manifestation of the Creative Principle. Our numerologists are aware that the roots of modern numerology are in the ancient inter-connectivity between letters, numbers and the vibrational nature of the world. At the soul level, they will take your name and birth date and carry the energetic frequencies which are relevant for attracting experiences from which you will acquire the knowledge needed in this life's journey.

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Numerology readings with Mystical Dragon reader

Numerology is the study of numbers, the mystical, divine relationship between numbers and other aspects of the universe (events, personal character, names, letters).  During history philosophers, mathematicians, mystics and great thinkers believed that numbers are the universal language offered to humans by the deity. Two of the greatest thinkers of all times Pythagoras and St. Augustine of Hippo believed that everything has numerical relationships and we only need to seek and find the secrets of these relationships by investigation or through divine revelation.






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What to expect from a numerology reading

Numerology is essentially reading one's energy through mathematics. These numeric energies are constantly attracting and repelling experiences, relationships, ways of thinking, well-being, career success and more.

During the session, the numerology reader can give you insights into many things, a better understanding of yourself and your life. You will receive guidance to understand more your past life events, find new ways of thinking and living and make positive changes in your being, in your relations and in your work, to live your life with more wisdom, harmony, and fulfillment.

Your numerology reading at Mystical Dragon will take place in a harmonious, meditative space. After you schedule an appointment with your numerologist she will explain everything you need to know about the reading. You need to give her your birth date and your name. Our numerology readings are done in-store in Carlsbad or over the phone for anyone in San Diego County or out of state. Here at Mystical Dragon, we use numerology as a powerful tool to offer you insights about:

  • Your stage of development

  • Your specific life path 

  • Your life purpose

  • Your relationships

It can also give a deeper understanding of yourself and your life. It can validate what you already know or you intend to do in your future. It’s good to specify clearly what numerology solutions you are looking for. If you are unsure about what to specify, the numerologists from Mystical Dragon will first have a preliminary discussion to determine your needs. Your numerologist may calculate your life path number, the master number, day of birth and other relevant numbers which will provide valuable insight into your past, present, and future.

You can contact any of the numerology readers from Mystical Dragon. You will be amazed of the powerful awareness that arises with a deep understanding of your numerology.


Schedule a numerology reading at Mystical Dragon

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