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Arthur and Guinevere Cake Top

  • This beautiful cake top was crafted in great detail with the intention to give your wedding a royal touch. It represents one of the most commemorated regal couples, celebrated to this day a symbol of great love. They are shown holding hands in a declaration of a lifetime bond while wearing gracefully their crowns, being chosen by divine powers to inspire unity through commitment. The dress of Guinevere was crafted as if flowing through the air in graceful movement while King Arthur firmly balances the famous Excalibur. Make your cake as special as a day when two souls intertwine and step together onto a new life path. For a full effect combine with Arthur and Guinevere Cake Server.

    • Made by hand from lead-free pewter.
    • Weight: 14.7g
    • Size: 5.25"H x 5.5" W
    • Made in the USA!
    • Product Line: Fellowship Foundry Pewter - Wedding Cake Topper.

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